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I dropped my 2 month niece

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This is my first post to this website, and I'm freaking out at the moment!


I dropped my 2 month niece earlier today, and I don't know how she is, my sister and mother took her to the doctor. She was bleeding from the mouth because she hit her head on the table, and had a bump on her head, my sister and mom were telling me these things are going to happen, but I can only freak out. The horror in my mind when I saw her on the floor. I felt so irresponsible and I don't want to hold her again without anyone around. These things are going to happen, I know, but I'm sick to my stomach about seeing that image of her on the floor. My mom said she wouldn't be screaming like she was if she was seriously injured. I hope so!


I don't know what to do to "not beat myself up"

Thanks, newmother1234(aunt also)


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Just so you all know, I just got a call from my mom, and she's fine, she's just getting an x-ray to be extra cautious. I know now not to hold her standing up when she's fussy! I hope I'll be okay!


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My sister just texted me, it was just a bump on her head! I'm so glad that she's okay! :)

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wow i can imagine how horrible you feel! that's a huge fear of mine. i'm glad she is ok! my sil dropped her son from a standing position bc he flung himself around pretty badly. he had xrays and had to be watched and woken through the night but was ok. he was flingy enough i was always terrified i'd drop him! but his own mom did!

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What a scary moment for you. Glad she is okay.


Accidents do happen, even to the best, most careful parents. I still worry about what "might" happen to DS as he gets older. I just do the best I can and hope nothing serious ever happens.

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when DS was about 14 weeks old my teenage sister had taken him and laid him on the bed in her room to play while she was watching tv.  I went to the kitchen to wash bottles and a couple of seconds after I turned off the faucet I heard this loud crack/slap noise on the hardwood and instantly knew what it was... i bolted for the room to find my son face down on the floor, screaming bloody murder.  My sister had been sitting up against the headboard and she had been holding him when she dozed off.  What infuriated me was that she was still asleep while he lay screaming and helpless on the floor.  She is deaf, and can/might pretty much sleep through the apocalypse.  I strapped him into his carseat and rushed him to the hospital but about 2 minutes after the fall he stopped crying.  he was so interested in the bright hospital lights and all the nurses that were fawning over him, he just sat and swiveled his tiny head with the passing staff.  A cat scan was done and absolutely nothing was wrong... as a matter of fact i think he forgot about the whole ordeal within an hour of it happening.  I felt terrible, but he is fine.  He's a baby, but he is resilient.  


i guess the thing to know is that your niece will probably fall or trip or do this or that many, many times growing up and this is just another bump.  She'll be okay, don't distance yourself because of an accident! 

Just like Ms.Dolphin said:  Accidents do happen, even to the best, most careful parents.  (And aunts!) 

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my brother, at about age 14, was carrying my baby daughter outside and stepped on a loose stone and stumbled and fell. to keep my daughter from getting hurt he was able to land on his elbow. he had to have surgery to have screws put in his elbow! i will always be grateful to him for protecting her at his young age. i can only imagine what could have happened to her if he hadn't! he later got to carry her around the mall, as she was his chick magnet LOL

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