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Oh! Thank You ladies for reminding me that it's so normal to feel like crap at this point. I'm 32 1/2 weeks.


I've had a hard week or so. I've been feeling so emotional. I hurt all the time. I've had my first bouts of feet/ankle swelling. I can't sleep. I'm exhausted. The baby has been trying to settle into a head down position but there are still some uncomfortable turns happening. I can't breath. I've got acid stomach at night. You guys know the list.


I'm seeing a chiro to help me keep my pelvis and all the corresponding muscles aligned and loose. It's helping but it's not a one time everything is great now type solution. The baby seems to really like it though. After an adjustment she/he snuggles right into my pelvis head down. He/she's been staying there for longer and longer periods too.


I'm having a hard time seeing getting through 8 more weeks like this. It seems like forever! I'm tring to focus on just today, the way you should focus on just the current contraction, as a little bit of labor practice. But honestly, the idea of laboring seems really forbidding right now (says the 2 time homebirther.)


Last night i hit a wall and cried on and off for a hour. I really lost it. It might have done me some good though. Babe had turned transverse a few hours before, setting off all the pain and emotional stuff i think, but then went back to head down after that.


I can't wait for it to be April. The 8th month is so hard!!!!