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Hello middle-Tennessee mamas!  My husband has started his new job in the Nashville area and our boys and I will be joining him next week when we close on our new house in Hendersonville.  We are moving from Southwest Michigan (very un-crunchy area) so I'm really looking forward to making some new contacts with like-minded families!  I'm also looking for info on any or all of the following:


- family doctor (or possibly pediatrician) who will understand and support our choices: delayed/alternative vax, no circumcision, limited dairy, full-term breastfeeding  ** I know about Dr. Kalb at Cool Spring Family Medicine but have heard the practice has grown VERY busy and it's on the other side of the city from where we are living, so I would like to know if there's any other options

- recommendations for non-religious-based pre-school programs (prefer 2 days/week -- son will be 3.5 in the fall)

- favorite parks

- local health food stores

- any stores that sell cloth diapers?


I've found some mommy groups on Meetup and I'm joining MOMS Club of Hendersonville area -- any other groups I should know about?  Does any of you ladies meet up?