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Hi, I'm starting a network that I think will be pretty useful... It's for moms with kids who are also artists (or crafts people).


Please come check it out and consider posting! It's hard for people to contribute to a new network, so for the first several people who post, and also for people who post helpful tips, I'll give you extra publicity for YOUR art / craft site (only if you want it!).


Here's more info about the network:


Hello fellow artist-parents! Let’s talk about juggling being a mom/dad and being an artist. I’ve already collected months worth of tips and am excited to share them! We’ll talk about finding time, studio management, finding energy, loving parenting techniques, etc.  I hope you find this network helpful and inviting. Please post your URL and talk about YOU. You’ll get the link to your site, AND if you post a useful tip… I’ll get you some extra publicity. :)