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Weird hand issues

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Hey, does anyone else have hand pain, weakness, and random tingling?  I think it happened after my older son was born but I can't 100% remember.  I think it's from holding the baby so much to nurse and the pressure it puts on my forearm.  I hate using nursing pillows but I've tried.  The pain and weakness is when I try to grasp something - even something as light as a diaper or wipe.  The tingling happens randomly, sometimes when nursing, driving, walking around with Eli in the Ergo at the zoo, etc.  It's quite annoying.  Maybe it's a form of carpal tunnel? 

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I have that problem. I exclusively pump so I use my hands a lot to do breast compressions and hold the baby quite often so my hands HURT while pumping.

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Thanks!  That's a possibility, although I didn't see any of the symptoms being numbness and tingling.  3 fingers on my right hand have been numb all day.  It's so weird!  At least I can still do everything I need to....it's just annoying!

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I would see a chiro....sounds like a pinched nerve or something.

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We go to the chiro every Tuesday.  Today she worked on my right hand/arm a lot but it is still numb/tingling.  Oh well. 

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it is carpal tunnel unfortunately, i have it too! i have heard that it's super common in pregnancy and post partum - hoping that it will soon get better though, it's so annoying! especially in the middle of the night when i wake up to nurse- my hands are numb and i have to wait for them to stop tingling to pick LO up. 

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My Chiro said that Mom's with new babies can lack B-6 and that could be the reason for the tingling. I had tingling in my hands until I started taking B-6. If I miss a day the tingling comes back.

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