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anterior placenta, placenta previa

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I went in for our expected 20w anatomy scan today. I was expecting since I have only been feeling movement on my left side to have an anterior placenta. That's exactly what she found an anterior placenta mostly on my right side but then said placenta previa. I have a complete previa at this point with only the edge of the placenta covering my cervix.

Placenta Previa 20w.jpg

 I of course called my midwife worrying about losing my homebirth when my midwife asked me if the tech had mentioned anything about the position of the placenta in relation to my c-section scar. OMG I did not even think to ask about that, with being anterior the chances of placenta accreta increase. I am trying to let me emotions out and realize I just want a healthy boy (which 110% he is, or the tech says she will pay for college). Just wondering if anyone has had any experience. I am not too terribly worried about the previa and praying it moves out of the way but what about homebirth and a possible accreta into my almost 11yr old c-section scar? I have left a message for the tech and praying that the accreta is not a possiblity. Although I am ok with being done having babies I just would love to have less complications. 

110% BOY 20w scan.jpg

He is folded in half here...was movin so much she almost had a hard time getting good pics. Our boy is measuring perfect, estimated to weigh in at a whopping 12ou....so in love with this lil man already!Profile and bent in half 20w.jpg

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the work of pregnancy really IS worry. Poor Momma. Breathe deeply. Trust in your body and this process. It's going to be ok.

I can't speak to placenta acreta in relation to the age of the scar, though my instinct says you are well healed. I wanted to tell you that all 3 of my VBAC babies- and I'm including this one in that, have had anteriour placentas. And the position it's in right now is nowhere near where it will be at 40 weeks. your growing uterus is going to stretch that placenta up and out of the way, and you will birth your baby safely. I'm  sure of it.

I hope the tech or your midwife have some peace to offer you.

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This is completely the issue I had at my 20 week scan with Mae.

I had bleeding at 27 weeks, went in for another scan, and found it  had completely moved out of the way. The bleeding had been caused by... well... we got married that week, after not having seen each other since I found out I was pregnant (he flew back to where he was stationed the day before I found out) so I'm sure you get what caused the bleeding ;)

But yeah... it moved. I disliked the anterior because gosh darnit I didn't get to feel kicks anywhere near as well :(

but yeah I also have no clue about the c-section scar. I've never had that issue... but I know the previa can and probably will move completely out of the way!

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I am paranoid about placenta, scar, previa issues since I am determined to VBAC. I have been cultivating a headstand practice in yoga over the past few years so I have been trying to do daily headstands. When went for anatomy, they told me placenta was anterior but at the top of my uterus. (i can totally feel movement all over) don't know if headstands had anything to do with it but I am going to keep it up as long as I can do it and feel safe. I always make sure. to support myself.
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