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I also make a Hide Every Veg pasta sauce, which is basically sautee every kind of veg in the fridge (usually always carrot, kale and zucchini) with onion and garlic, put tomatoes or premade sauce in, add chickpeas, beans or tofu for protein, fresh basil, blend the shit out of it with my immersion blender. Grate cheese on top. Eat with rice noodles (like, the ones made to emulate classic wheat pasta). The kids eat it, and they have troubles with vegetables if they are visible.
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How have I never posted on this thread?

Joanie, I have an old, favorite cookbook from before Ari, I think, with lots of lentil recipes. I like lentils more than beans because they cook faster and they're easier on my stomach. Here are some of my favorite recipes:
Stew and "marjoram lentils"

I make the stew without tofu usually. Sometimes I add beef, but it's good with just the lentils, too. I thicken it with corn starch if I want a thick stew. I made the lentils in my big crockpot extravaganza. Maybe we'll have those today. I serve over spaghetti squash or rice pasta.

Ignore the dolma recipe. They're delicious, but who has time for that? Red lentil dal is delicious.

Sambar and pakoras (ignore the pakora recipe at your own risk)

I made the sambar last week, too. I think I need to make pakoras today. Mmmmm.

Besan omelets and chickpea curry

Besan is chickpea flour. So it's still beans, just in a different shape. I get mine by the 5 pound bag at the international store instead of the health food store.

My kids' mama made this cookbook years ago. I've added some Ethiopian recipes in the back. I write smaller, so I'm not sure if these are legible (and the injera is not real injera, obviously, but it works well with buckwheat and oat). I don't think this has the simplest cabbage recipe I make, but what's cheaper than cabbage?

ETA: I think this is the cabbage recipe I've been using, YouTube isn't cooperating with me today because the wifi is down and I get crappy service at home (but service!!). I had been making it from memory and seem to have forgotten the potatoes the last few times.
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