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Gabe's muscles

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  My 4 year old son has a mild form of Cerebral Palsy. He is fine mentally and is mostly physically but the muscles in his legs are like rubber bands and the more he grows the tighter they are getting. He is in gymnastics weekly, has had weekly physical and occupational therapy for 3 years not and wears braces day and night but nothing seems to be helping relieve the tightness. His doctor at the CP clinic wants to put botox in his legs to loosen those muscles but i'm wondering if like massage therapy would help or if there's any oils i can massage on his legs each night before bed to prevent the botox procedure and help the muscles loosen up? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Hi Metalmama. My son is almost 2 and he has spastic cerebral palsy with the tight muscles in his legs. It's mild enough that he can walk, but he looks robotic and stiff and his balance is poor. He is getting his first pair of braces in about two weeks.


Does your son still get physical therapy? I wonder if the PT can offer ideas for home exercises that will help him. Ours has given us some ideas such as gently pulling up on his toes, having him jump, and doing soft tissue massage along the sides of his hamstrings. I don't really know if they're helping. He learned to walk late, so he hasn't been walking long enough to see if it is improving.


Are you concerned about the safety or the cost of the botox injections? I wonder if anyone else on here has more ideas for you if these are your concerns.


We took our son to a physiatrist two weeks ago. (I had never heard of one. It's a medical doctor specializing in physical therapy and other rehabilitation.) He said he doesn't predict our son will ever need surgery, but I didn't ask about botox. It wouldn't surprise me if it is in his future. My son's pediatric neurologist said sometimes his CP will get better, sometimes worse as he grows.


Hoping for the best for you and your son.

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We are in a similar boat right now.... our youngest has been diagnosed with mild cp and she is having more issues with her legs lately.  She does not have braces yet, I have been asking the Ortho for them but he wanted us to try PT with intensive concentration on her legs.  I have a few friends whose children have had the botox injections and quite a few people have been discussing them on a few pages on Facebook.....it would seem that the botox works very well for many kids.... though the effects only last on average a few months and then they must be repeated.  Also it was mentioned that if you do not have intense therapy as well as keeping the legs braced while having the botox it will be almost useless. Most of the people who were commenting had either had children who had the botox injections or were therapists that worked with patients who had undergone the shots.


Our daughter is not at the point where she will need shots now but it may be a possibility in the future.... I don't know how I feel other than I really wish that I could spend more time with the different professionals that we deal with to really discuss in depth all of the different therapies they have seen be successful.... we are always strapped for time!


I hope that you find something that is successful for your little one!


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