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I will speak up unsolicited and say that I, for one, am always happy to learn, to gain more understanding of those different than myself, and to be made more aware of something that might be offensive or hurtful that I never even considered. I am truly a far better person for things that I have gained an understanding of due to message board interjections like Mole's. I do not mind having my language or even my grammar corrected because both have improved immeasurably due to threads just like this one.


I am not attempting to speak for anyone else nor am I making assertions about what is right, wrong, or even generally preferrable for this particular board. I am simply giving my view on such corrections. Mole's OP came from a place of sensitivity for an idea (or even a group) that most Americans do not even consider in their day to day lives. Again, only speaking in general and not about anyone here.

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I agree with what you are saying; though I probably wouldn't mention "most Americans" and "not anyone here" in the same sentence. it takes away from the first part of your post. 

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There truly are a lot of delicate topics That trigger some people more than others and there are topics discussed or words used that can be highly offensive to some but not given a second thought by others. For me, even mentioning a pregnancy termination (as is often brought up in testing threads) is offensive to me -- and a huge trigger -- on many levels! But I know not everybody sees the world through my eyes even if I do believe I am completely in the right.

We're all on different life paths. We have to keep that in mind as mothers. And we are all striving to do the best by our children. I try to just keep this in mind. We all love our babies fiercely. And in trying to form a community on here we are joining as strong, educated mothers who know the immeasurable value of a support system.
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Thank you for the scolding, Mole. Aren't we all just a bunch of insensitive morons for not using the correct terminology? eyesroll.gif

The content of your post could have been simple and educational. Or, better yet, the post could have just stayed on topic and you could have just replied using the correct terminogy. When someone is "offended" by what is a simple and honest mistake -- to point of bullying -- I am offended say. I sure hope no one here says something ignorant as I might be extremely offended. Sheesh.
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that problem has been resolved i believe...no hard feelings.
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