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New to Calgary

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I am relocating to Calgary from Houston tx. We found a house today in Coach Hill. Any mamas nearby?
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Hey mama, it's been a few weeks since you posted.  Are you in Cowtown now?  I'm not super close to Coach Hill, but not far either.  Feel free to PM me with any questions about getting settled, where to go, what is fun, etc. etc.


Good luck!

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Hi, We also just moved to Calgary. We're in the SW. How are you finding settling?

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Welcome to Calgary!

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wow, didn't even remember that I posted this until I logged on tonight to post the same thing, lol.  need to update my settings for email notifications!  we are here and are getting settled in.  getting a bit homesick and probably time to start meeting a few people.  I'm a cloth diapering, breastfeeding, aspiring midwife mama to 4.  baby girl turned 1 yesterday, 3.5 yr old son, 6.5 yr old daughter, and almost 9 yr old daughter. the two oldest are in school.  if anyone would like to meet up during the week somewhere, let me know :)

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Hey there! I just found this post and couldn't believe the similarity. I'm a Houstonian about to relocate with the hubby and lil man to Calgary! I don't know what area yet but we are looking. Due to be up there end of August. Hopefully you are settling in well. I'm not looking forward to the initial homesickness but hopefully not being in this stifling heat anymore will help with that. Take care and feel free to keep in touch. It would be good to meet up when we are all moved up there.
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