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ideas for door sign

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When my son was born, I felt overwhelmed with guests who didn't realize that visits were draining to me. I want to leave a sign on the door asking people to keep it short and also to wash hands. Any ideas about how to tastefully word this?
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Oh! I saw one of these that I loved! I cannot remember what exactly it said now (why don't I save these things!?), but it was something like this:


Welcome to our home. We appreciate your visit and are happy you are here. Because Mom and baby are still adjusting and we thank you for keeping your visit short. Thank you for joining us during this precious time.



I have also heard of people putting a list of things on the fridge that need to be done. Then if people ask if there's anything they can do they have a list they can go off of. 

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That would have REALLY benefitted me a couple weeks ago!

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We joked about duct taping a bottle of soap to the baby's onesie, haha. But seriously, for the FTMs that are still pregnant, take this SERIOUSLY!

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