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October or November 2012???

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Joining here as there s no November 2012 group and Ido not know how to create a new group!  Tested + on 3/22.  Probably 4-5 weeks pregnant.  I imagine I am due between October 31- November 15.


Second try. Found out that I was experiencing a missed abortion last Halloween, and hope to have a treat this year!  Saw a HB at 5 weeks through intravaginal probe and when we went back at 9 weeks, fetus was no longer viable.  Heartbroken to say the least.  Really hesitant to go to the doctor now until later in the pregnancy, at least until we can do a belly jelly sonogram.


Also would like to find a doula and/or midwife.  I am a wellness coach and herbalist and doctors offices and hospitals make me feel dis-ease....


Here we go again.  Wellness to all!




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I joined this group also because there is no November 2012 group. Although I probably will deliver in October anyway, that is if an indicator of future pregnancies is past pregnancies lol! 

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Hey, gonna tentatively join here.  I tested positive a week ago, I think my edd is Nov 4-9, depending on my O date or my lmp.  I lost my last pregnancy at 7 weeks in the beginning of Sept, so I have some anxiety.  But I'm trying to stay positive.  :) 

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Welcome!  I'm guessing I'm due in early November too.  My due date is somewhere between Oct. 31 and Nov. 4.  


I will be so much more relaxed about this pregnancy once the first trimester is over.  I'm hoping for uneventful healthy pregnancies for all of us!  (and some peace/sanity while we wait).  

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You're all welcome to hang out here as long as you like, but I thought you'd like to know that the Nov DDC is up as of this morning. I hang out in both September and October (I'm due Sept 30/Oct 1), so stick around here too if that works!  joy.gif

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Thanks dandylez! I appreciate the update :)  I didn't post my dd before - i thought it was Nov 2, but according to the dr it's October 31 - maybe I do belong here afterall LOL



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