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I know that supplements can be very valuable to your health if you don't always have access to the best food. I also know that you should pick high-quality supplements. unfortunately, i am extremely low-income and I am wondering if it is better to supplement vitamin d, magnesium, etc. with something I can afford like nature's bounty or store brand or if they are just a complete waste of time and it would be better not to supplement at all.




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I find iherb.com to be a wonderful bargain on quality supplements. You can also read all the ingredients, and the reviews people leave about the products as well.

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The problem with cheap supplements is the added fillers, colors, etc....and they also use cheaper ingredients, which your body may or may not be able to utilize.  I would do what the above person said about getting a higher quality supplement online from places like iherb, Vitacost, etc...


Pure Essence Labs makes a good, inexpensive multi called, Life Essence, that I recommend to people.  Cod liver oil, or Vitamin D is very important too, so I would take it regularly. 




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If you are low income, I would look for one good supplement that will really work for you. The most expensive supplement is the one that doesn't work. I prefer vitamins that are food source, as we are taking them to supplement the deficiencies in a diet, right? I think low cost synthetic supplements give us expensive pee, as we pee most of them out. Look for a great sale price on a brand like New Chapter, or Megafood. On Amazon or iHerb you can get this close to wholesale, and they really work. Organic, food source etc. 

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I've found the best deals on good supps on Amazon, and for a lot of them they have subscribe and save where you save 15% and you can cancel at any time.  I like Garden of Life brand.  I believe that all synthetic supps are a complete waste of time.  As long as you get lots of sunshine on your skin in the middle of the day you probably dont need any extra D.  If you eat things like grass-fed organically raised (not necessarily certified organic) liver, raw milk kefir, fresh fruits and veggies, and make sure you soak your grains if you eat grains, then you can probably skip the supplements.  You will also get some D from the liver and pastured, grass fed milk and (fresh) kefir.

Here's some info on supplements to maybe help you decide 




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Vitacost.com has some pretty good deals on supplements. We get our main whole foods multi-vitamin (Nature's Way Alive!) from Amazon subscribe and save for a pretty good price. Whatever you do, don't pick up the junk at Wal-mart unless you really look into it. Some of it would probably do more harm than good!

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