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ive jus recently been dignosed wit ppd i think i have pp anxity to my baby is 4 months old the past few weeks and been awful for me i have anxity attacks out of no where i always feel like theres somethin worng with me i cry out of the blue i dont really understand how i am feeling so its hard to explain to family and friends i feel lost because of this some days i dont feel like getting out of the bed or doing anything the few times i have been out of the house i have had horrible anxity attacks i get to where i cant breath im scared im never goin to be myself again it came on all at once is anyone else like this out there i just need someone to relate to someone who has been thru this or is goin thru this

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Oh mama. That is so hard. I'm sorry you're going through this.


I survived horrible PPD with my son. I think I might've also had PTSD, honestly. I know what you're talking about. The constant anxiety, the inability to sleep, the long crying jags. You feel like this feeling will never end.


It will. But you have to do just what you are doing. You have to reach out and find help. My first piece of advice is to go here:




You can access local resources that will be of help to you. Find a therapist, find a support group, find other women you can talk to face to face. You are not alone, mama. 


Do you have a doctor or midwife you trust that you can talk to about your issues?

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I feel your pain. Looking back on the first 3 months after birth...I am pretty sure I had a little PPD. Then, I went back to work, baby was sleeping through the night, things were starting to seem "normal." After about 6 weeks back to work when the baby was a little over 4 months old...I started having HORRIBLE anxiety, lost half of my hair, had insomnia. I have a job where I can't take meds. It has been 7 more months now and I'm still dealing with anxiety and insomnia. I have had to take time off of work and get on meds. I wish so bad I would have done this when it all started to have saved the horriffic past 7 months.


Anyway, you may have post partum thyroiditis...I believe that is what I had...and the anxiety never went away. I recently went to an endocrinologist and she told me I have Hashimotos thyroiditis. I'm getting a second opinion.


Don't wait...get help.

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