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Hi! I'm a 26yo mother of one feisty 22 month old girl. We live in Australia, in a small country town. I split with her Dad a year ago but we're working on things and will probably get back together again when we've both got our heads straight. As far as crunchy values go, I cosleep, breastfeed, don't vax (I'm vax damaged), try to eat organic/ethical when I can afford, we practiced EC part time from 5 weeks, full time from 5 months and she's been in underpants for about 7 months now. Erm, what else? I'm not into "positive discipline", more modeling and reasoning, not that it always works, but I trust the process... Hm, I'm sure there's more but no doubt it will come out as we go! Found this site because someone mentioned it on Facebook (I am on the Informed Parenting group, HM4HB Global) and thought I'd check it out.


Oh yeah, and I'm stay at homing at the moment but my plan is to go back to uni and become an indy midwife, also study homeopathy, calmbirth/hypnotism etc. :)


So um, yeah. I have no social skills so please by my friends! praying.gif