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Houston homebirth midwife

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I'm new to Houston and am looking for a homebirth midwife.  Also, I'd love any info re price, if anyone has that :)


I have an initial consult set up with Pat Jones so far.  I'm a little nervous that she is going to be be $$$ and really scare my dh (because of the price).  She says she does all home visits, so I'm afraid that will make her more expensive, plus she is apparently the most experienced midwife in Houston.  Funny thing is that I don't see much said about her online...  Anyway, I'd love to hear opinions re her plus any pricing info :)


I've had all easy vaginal births.  I'm looking for a midwife who will respect my educated choices, which I've had a problem with re Houston hospital cnms. 


Thanks so much :)

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I use Chris Duffy and have been very pleased with her.


Other midwives I would consider include Sandra MacDonald and Jackie Griggs.

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Thanks Alegna :) 


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Pat is the eldest practicing home birth midwife in this area, she is phenomenal! Because she is so long standing, though, and starting to wind down her practice, she has no need to really market. She also has a great rapport with other midwives in the area and quick on the recommendations if she is not the right price for your budget.


I, too, also have experience with Jackie Griggs, think she's awesome. Kellie Moeller, another good one. Very hands off? Darlene of Bio Births... Houston area has so many wonderful options. :)

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