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Weekly Chat - Feb 27 to March 4

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Hey everyone,

I think our last chat thread expired, so I thought I'd start a new one. I hope everyone is doing great, getting through the nausea and MS, and starting to feel excited as our pregnancies grow.  Many of us will hit the end of the first trimester next month, and that's so exciting!!!


QOTD: What food can you not get enough of right now? Or what food do you not even want to think about?



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Here's my personal update:  9 weeks yesterday and my first midwife appointment tomorrow.  She's a friend, and was the midwife for my sister and another good friend, and I trust her to no end.  I'm excited! Hoping to hear the heartbeat and hoping for news of a strong, healthy babe. 


My nausea is all gone, but food aversions remain.  No meat, no complex tastes (like stirfry), just simple foods.  Rice and raw veggies. Cheese and tomato sandwiches. Yogurt smoothies.  My answer to QOTD: Oranges! Yum!

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Ha!  We must have both been posting at the same time.  I'll delete my post and add my update here smile.gif

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I'm 6 weeks today and started feeling pretty awful yesterday.  I'm having shooting nipple pains, starting to feel a bit of nausea, and have a terrible sinus headache.  I'm just getting over a cold, so I feel like I'm not quite as exhausted, but I don't have much energy.  I'm so happy to be feeling crappy smile.gif


QOTD:  All food sound sort of disgusting to me right now.



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I'm 8 weeks and 3 days. I have an ultrasound scheduled on Friday and (if the ultrasound is good news) my first prenatal appointment with the midwife on Saturday.


I am tired, hungry, have slightly sore boobs, feel the tiniest twinge of off-ness if I wait too long to eat, am bloated, constipated, and get heartburn. The lack of morning sickness is disconcerting. I've read tons of stories of women who had it in some pregnancies and not in others. The optimistic side of me is hoping that this means I'm having a girl. I had morning sickness with my previous pregnancies, which resulted in boys.


So I'm knocking on wood for good news this Friday. I'll be 9 weeks then. In the meantime, I need to buckle down with school and housework.

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I'm a litte over 6 weeks and the nausea is getting worse by the day (I'm not vomiting out of sheer will power at this point). Also reeeeeaaaalllly tired, but having a hard time sleeping well. The cramps and boob pain have subsided, but I get pretty bloated looking by the end of the day.

THe nausea pattern feels exactly like my pregnancy with DS, and although it's reassuring things are still moving along - I'm really excited for about week 16 when it should be gone! (like last time)


No foods sound good right now, though I find if I get some protein in at every meal it helps with the nausea. Also if I don't keep constantly eating then the nausea gets really bad, so I'm just nibbling on everything.

Oranges are really great right now, so is bagels with melted cheese over anything else.


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Hey ladies!


Dandy, it's funny you mention oranges...I crave them briefly and then the second I peel them I want NOTHING to do with them. It's so weird!


Catho, I'm in the same place and no MS either. It is very disconcerting but I'm also relieved at the same time.


AFM, I'm 8 weeks 3 days and I've felt better in the last week than I have so far. I'm still exhausted and my boobs hurt something fierce but it's not as bad as it was. My sense of smell is driving me crazy, but it doesn't make me sick. I do get brief waves of nausea but they usually come in the evening before bed and never amount to much. One night, I actually had the strangest sensation of not wanting anyone or anything to touch me. Not my husband, not my dog, not the sheets on the bed. It was really bizarre.


Sadly, I did break the zipper on my jeans on Friday. I already have a big belly so I don't know if that's baby weight or just weight gain, but my jeans are definitely tight already. One pair was a smidge tight before I was pregnant, but the other pair was fine. Now the zipper on one pair is broken and the other pair is tight! All my work pants are fine, though. I went to Motherhood Maternity this weekend and bought a pair of maternity jeans and a couple long tank tops.


Oh, and over the weekend I was working on cleaning out the soon-to-be nursery (currently my craft room) and I knocked a box full of straight pins on the floor. So I had to get down on the floor with a magnet to get them all but some of them were in a tight spot and I ended up on my stomach. I tried to scoot forward using my stomach muscles and wow, have they changed. I can't quite describe it. They were tight and felt thinner and weaker than normal. It was a strange sensation. But being on my stomach did NOT feel good.


Hope everyone else is feeling okay!

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I'll be 8 weeks tomorrow.  I'm super exhausted and have sort of intermittent nausea/ morning sickness throughout the day.  I'm also really having lots of emotional. hormonal weeping fits.  I feel so bad.  My three year old has witnessed most of them and he's such a sweet and sensitive kid that he gets really upset about it each time.  At least I can recognize it for what it is and recover from it/start to laugh it off pretty quickly and make sure he knows it's not his fault.



Femmeknitzi,  I totally have the not wanting anyone to touch me thing going on much of the time these days. It's really hard with ds who wants to cuddle all the time, and the cat who seems to be constantly attached to me.  I also have a really intense need for quiet.  DS talks constantly, as does DH and I get to feeling really overwhelmed by all their chatter.  This seems to have actually been my first symptom with this pregnancy was all of a sudden the constant chatter was driving me up the walllol.gif.


I have a month to go till my first appointment with my midwives.  It seems so far away at this point, but I also like how they are giving me the space to just trust my own body already.  It's a very different experience from last time around already.

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Hi ladies! 


I'll add my update...


I'll be 7 weeks tomorrow (by best guess), which is sort of a nerve-wracking time for me as it was during my 7th week of the last pregnancy that things went rapidly downhill, so this feels like the big week to me even though my actual miscarriage occurred a few days into the 8th week. I feel good about this pregnancy though, so no 'instinctual' feeling or anything like that about there being a problem...just the dates themselves I guess. 


I'm dealing with the ms better than expected...lol. I don't know if I just didn't DO this last pregnancies or if there wasn't enough food in the house that sounded good or what, but I'm eating literally every hour to two hours and that seems to keep the urge to vomit at bay and I haven't had as many moments of shaking about to throw up as I ordinarily would be having at this point. 


I have the teeniest beginning of a baby belly. Just a bit of swelling down by my pubic bone that I can feel if I rub across there. Also looking quite bloated by the end of the day. 


I'm really REALLY excited but forcing myself to be really relaxed about all of this...which is going well...it helps that I'm too exhausted to really do much thinking at this point...lol just a lot of napping. 


As to your question...um Fish...I can barely SPELL that word without gagging...much less imagine EATING it. UGGG! (interestingly, I was CRAVING some tilapia just last week, and consumed more tuna fish sandwiches than are probably healthy the week before THAT! LOL)

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hey everyone, just back from my initial midwife appointment.  It consisted mainly of information sharing and consent giving etc., but I'll definitely be comfortable with her as my MW.   She said that the chance of hearing a heartbeat before 10 weeks is really low, so she'd rather wait than send clients home with anxiety and worry that they couldn't find the hb.  My next appt is March 20th, so we should be able to hear one then.  My boobs are growing though -- holy crap! It's especially noticeable at night when they get quite full and heavy.  Anyone else?

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My boobs are visibly larger. The boyfriend is enjoying it. :-P

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UndertheOld, yes things like that are definitely quicker to irritate me than before. My husband is a major cuddler and normally, I'm all for it but I'm just not as much right now. I also have the most random fits of weeping and being choked up. I'm actually a fairly habitual weeper as it is, but what I've noticed is that it's harder to turn it off. For example, I was weeping at the end of a TV show the other day and that's not unusual. What was odd is that my husband called right as the credits rolled and instead of just switching gears, I kept crying. So I was having this normal conversation about what was for dinner and yet, I was still blubbering about the end of the show. LoL


Dandy, glad your appointment went well! Yes, my boobs are significantly larger and heavier, too. Oh the back pain I see in my future trimesters!

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I can totally relate to the swinging hormones!


Only you guys would understand this story, so I'll share here. I went grocery shopping today - managed to fill my cart without barfing with a bunch of random stuff that maybe would be good to eat. Go through the checkout, and get my change from the cashier. As she is giving me my change she  says "by the way, wash your hands b/c I have the flu" All I could do was blurt out "you have the flu?!!!!" then I hightailed it out of there and sanitized every fingertip.

I got home so peeved that I called the owner to find out what kind of "flu" and if she had a fever etc etc after touching ALL OUR FOOD!! I mean really, usually it wouldn't bother me too much, but the last thing I need to worry about is a fever in the first tri!!!

So I disinfected all my groceries....no need to go into details there (you'll probably all laugh at what I did)....and put everything away.


Luckily I got a call back that she didn't have "the flu" just a sinus thing, and she was upset about her shift. Phew!!! 

I downed some raw garlic (how that stayed down with morning sickness I don't know) and did a salt water gargle just in case.....but talk about irritating. Like morning sickness isn't taking up every minute of my day - I don't need to worry about someone who is sick touching all my food!

Needless to say with my raging hormones, I cried, was mad, and finally have let it go...but it left me exhausted!


I'm so ready to be out of the first tri!


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Oh man.  I had a HORRIBLE night last night.  I ended up in the ER.  I woke up 2 nights ago with a pretty back headache.  During the day, it stuck around, but was manageable.  It got much worse in the evening despite tylenol.  The pain was so bad, I took myself to the ER at 10:30.  I ended up going home with antibiotics and tylenol with codeine.  The codeine did nothing for the pain and I was up all night.  I'm finally feeling a little better today.  I'm scared about what taking the meds will have done to the baby.  I'm also a little worried that I'm not feeling many "pregnancy" symptoms, I just generally feel terrible.  I'm 6 weeks, so I still have another 2 weeks until my first appointment.


This pregnancy has been off to a bad start.  Since finding out, I've been on antibiotics twice.  Hope the baby is doing well and all of this misery will be worth it.

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SKJ, that sounds horrible. I'm so sorry!! I don't know a lot about antibiotics and pregnancy, but I'm sure (I REALLY hope) docs are very careful about what they prescribe to pregnant women. Hang in there! I hope it gets better.


Springmum, your story is pretty funny, especially as I imagine you washing everything down.  I know what you mean though. In the midwife office today, DP pointed at the kids' toy area and said that it was probably germland, and I think I physically recoiled. And then at derby practice tonight (I'm coaching, not playing), I literally moved across the gym from a sick player.  I'm not germphobic at all usually, but quite the opposite, and believe that we need good doses of germs to keep our immune systems strong.  BUT I really, really, really don't want to get sick right now.  Well, at least the woman told you she was sick. :)


Femmeknitzi, oh I so know what you mean.  Yesterday, I cried at a radio show about a new early pre-natal test for Down Syndrome. (Don't get me wrong. I think that decision is a very personal one, and made for all kinds of reasons, and I would never ever question anyone's decision on it.)  Today, I cried reading a mere description of a kids' book about pregnancy and birth -- on Amazon of all places! I hope you're doing okay!


AFM, I have the weirdest sensation tonight.  It's like I did 100 ab crunches, but I didn't.  My abs are tight up and down my sides and across my belly.  I think the little pickle is growing.  Oh, and I had sushi tonight!!! :) Well, not raw fish sushi, but all the stuff I can eat.  I've been having such cravings for it, and it was delicious!



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I am around 6.5 weeks. Sore breasts, mild nausea morni.g to afternoon. Haven't thrown up, but came close a few times. I don't remember much nausea the previous two times, but it was a long time ago!

Saw my regular doctor yesterday....she offered an early u/s which I turned down-can't tell much this early and I knew it could just lead to worry. She agreed.

Craving Chinese and Mexican! Had Panda Express, which I never have, monday, and a chile relleno yesterday.
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7 weeks today, and I think it's time to admit defeat and go fetch my belly band from storage.  I can button my pants, and it feels okay until I sit down, then the pressure just makes me feel kinda nauseous.  So far I've been able to manage the nausea by eating every couple hours (this far along last time I was super sick for a few days!), but nothing really sounds that appetizing ever, and I'm getting really tired of the food in the house.  Part of that is the fact that we're running out and need to go grocery shopping.  I'm also really sleepy every day.  Poor ds gets ignored for a couple hours while I nap.  I also noticed today that my boobs are definitely firmer.  I never understood when I'd hear people describing young breasts as firm, until I felt the squashiness that was my own breast after being drained of milk!  They are sore, but it's not a problem until ds latches on, I have to grit my teeth for the first couple minutes on each side.  I haven't grown out of my bra yet, but honestly, I probably have had a bit of extra room since my milk supply pretty much disappeared several months ago. 


My MIL, who is also my midwife, is coming to stay with us next week, and we'll do my initial appointment then.  It'll be too early for much besides fundus measuring and a urine stick, but I'm hoping she'll be able to help out with ds a bit when I have to rest.


One thing I'm really relieved about is that the chronic pain I've had since ds was born seems to have let up!  It was this heavy ache in my pelvic floor when I'd been on my feet for a while.  I was really worried it would immediately get worse when I got  pregnant, since it was always bad during my period and ovulation.  I went to a 3 hour pelvic health class just before I got my BFP and learned a few more things to help with it.  I'm trying to keep up with the exercises and stretching I learned, because I know my body still isn't where it should be and I really don't want it to come back later in the pregnancy or again postpartum. 

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What exercises did you learn? I'm worried about the future health of my pelvic floor.

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The class was taught by Katy Bowman, there is a ton of information on her blog here.  There is some good stuff if you search pelvic floor or birth or pregnancy.  She focuses on attaining the correct length in your pelvic floor so  it can generate the most force, rather than just kegels, which over time can cause an over-tight, short, weak pelvic floor.  In order for your pelvic floor to be the correct length, your sacrum needs to be in the right position (not collapsed in towards your pubic bone).  Habitually tucking your pelvis under when standing or sitting (I have a terrible habit of sitting rolled way back on my sacrum) can cause you to have weak glutes, tight hamstrings and calves, and your sacrum to collapse in.  During the one vaginal exam I had in labor, my midwives remarked that the space between my pubic bone and sacrum was narrow.  Not what you want to hear when it's time to push your baby out!  I did have ds vaginally, without assistance (yay homebirth!).  But it took 2 1/2 hours of hard pushing, which I'm pretty sure was the cause of the chronic pain I had post birth.  Ds was 6 lbs 9 oz, definitely not big!  He was also in a good position for birth. 


We learned lots in the class, but I'm focusing on stretching my hamstrings, because they are super tight.  So tight, that I can't sit on the floor with my legs in front of me without tucking my pelvis.  I'm also focusing on squatting with my shins vertical, and my pelvis untucked.  The vertical shins are important, it keeps you using your glutes and hamstrings to hold your weight, which are the muscles I need to strengthen.  I can't go very far down with my shins still vertical yet, but I did notice that holding that squat for a minute a few times a day helped relieve the pain I was having. 


Other things I've found helpful are switching to the flattest flat shoes I could find.  I wore Dansko clogs and sandals throughout my last pregnancy and for about a year afterwards, which have about a 1" to 1-1/2" difference from toe to heel.  To adjust for the angle my feet were at I had to tuck my pelvis when standing in those shoes, most people do when their heels are higher than their toes.  I noticed a big improvement in my pain after switching to flat shoes.  I'm also trying to break the habit of sitting on my sacrum.  TMI, but I also realized more recently that holding my breath and pushing when I had to poop was making things worse, so I don't actively push anymore, and I find that I don't ever really have to.  Instead, I put my feet up on ds's potty stool and untuck my pelvis and just relax.  The pressure of my legs up against my belly helps, and apparently untucking the pelvis unkinks the colon, which helps as well.  When I get better at squatting, I'll squat on the stool instead of sitting on the seat.  I'm also planning on not pushing during this next birth until it's absolutely involuntary.  I didn't really have an urge to push at first with ds, but I was completely dilated, and excited to have him, so I pushed any way.  Not this time!


So that's what I've learned!  Probably more than you were asking for, lol, but I think it's fascinating!

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Good morning!


Springmum, that story is hilarious! Flu is scary for preggo ladies, but there's NO reason the cashier should've announced it like that. If you've got to warn people, you should be at home! Ew.


SKJ, I'm sorry you're having such a rough go of it. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you that things settle down.


Dandy, I've had that same sensation! And Angel, I had to go buy maternity jeans this weekend. I'm already fat so I didn't expect to see many changes in my body until the second trimester but I guess stuff is shifting around because my jeans are definitely tight and my belly feels heavier. My work pants are still okay thankfully but I don't know how much longer that'll last!


AFM, I've had a rough few days with a severe bout of constipation. I was having EXTREME abdominal pains which scared me even though I knew it was just constipation. Then, I realized I was eating all the WRONG things. I was eating brown rice and bananas which are meant for diarrhea. Oops! Luckily, I was also eating prunes and drinking prune juice so I feel much better today. Does anyone know if that "Smooth Moves" tea is pregnancy friendly? I've sort of been avoiding herbal teas, just because I'm too lazy to research all those herbs.


Other than that, though, the nausea and fatigue seem to have eased up a bit. I'm also ready for this first tri to be OVER. LOL Four more weeks!!

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