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I think it may have less to do with thin versus larger mamas and more to do with uterus position.  I am thin, but I have a very tilted uterus, so I think that is why it takes longer for me to feel movement.  Or maybe I just am not aware of the difference between gas and movement!

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Re: GBS+  There are also babies who die whose mothers were treated with iv antibiotics, not just hibiclens.  The studies I see are really all over the place. (From abx being EXTREMELY effective, to effective in preventing some infections but not overall death rate, to hibiclens being a joke, to hibiclens being super effective.)  Personally, I was treated with antibiotics for a GBS+ test last time.  I was not aware that there was anything I could do to get rid of GBS on my own  during pregnancy (which I now know is possible).  So when I was GBS+, I consented to iv abx.  However, my labor was not long enough for the required 2 doses 4 hours apart, so despite the fact that her water didn't break until her head was out of the birth canal, dd2 was still "at risk" and it was a terrible time at the hospital...having to stay a long time, transfer out of the holistic birthing Center unit to another room, lots of stress and tears and pleading to be released.  If I can prevent being GBS+ (with Probiotics, garlic, hibiclens, etc), I am going to do it.  Now, if I test +... I will cross that bridge when I come to it.  I do have concerns that go beyond thrush with routine abx use (especially if I don't have other "risk factors" like prolonged rupture of membranes, fever, positive urine test, etc). This includes the  increased chance of baby contracting abx-resistant strains of e.coli and other bacteria after birth, allergic reaction to abx in my husband's family, etc. I really think it is an individual decision and everyone has to make the decision that is best for them.  It is really scary and I am not comfortable with ANY decision (especially if I test positive)!

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Originally Posted by goin' green View Post

Brambleberry - Oh no!!!  Gosh - how old is your house?  Any lead pipes?  Obviously paint issues depending on age?  Soil also a possibility, like you mentioned.  Keep us posted!  



We just built our house a couple years ago.  It has NO paint.  It's strawbale with earthen plasters.  No lead pipes of course.  I am having the plaster tested along with all the soil tests just to be sure that there isn't some naturally occurring lead in the clay we used (subsoil from our building site) or something (very unlikely).  I bought lead test swabs today at the hardware store to test some of her toys and dishes - all negative, and have more test kits ordered.  We are so careful with everything, I just can't imagine where this is coming from!  We avoid plastic toys but she has some... I'm just at a loss.  My parents volunteer at our recycling center's re-sale store and are always bring home all sorts of stuff I don't approve of for her to play with at their house, so I ordered some test kits for them to test some of those toys, but Mom runs our local WIC office and knows all about lead.  That's where DD got tested actually, as just a routine procedure.  We're all going in to get tested tomorrow - we'll retest DD to make sure it wasn't a false positive.  I don't know how likely that is with this test, probably not very, but there's always the chance of samples being switched around in the lab or something.  I'm anxious to see what my levels are.  I'm really worried for the fetus.


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Just wanted to update on me. I really need to get on here more than I do.  I am 11 weeks now and it seems like the morning sickness is dying out.  I still have it some, but I am having more good days than bad and it seems like if it does happen, it is kicking in later in the day.  I was so happy that I was able to get in the car after 2pm yesterday and didnt have motion sickness!  We have our next appointment tomorrow and hoping to hear the heart beat on a doppler.  As for my back, I have been to the chiropractor and it really seems to be helping.  They will only do adjustments since I am pregnant, but I am feeling so good now that I dont have the pain like I did. In non-baby related news, over the weekend, we bought a house.  It is a new build, so we wont  be able to close on it until June or July, but it is just the right timing with our lease, so it worked out great.  It will be so great to have a house to live in instead of an apartment to help with our expanding family.  This place is already small so to have extra room is so great! 

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Sarah T - Congrats on the house! Very exciting smile.gif

Brambleberry - Our house was built in 1952 and almost certainly has lead paint (I'm hoping buried far, far, far under 25 layers of new paint). We've actually had DD tested twice -- once at 12m and also at 18m -- no concern either time. I'm hoping that there was a screw-up at the lab and that yours and your DH's results come back okay.

DD took a short, early nap, so we went to the library and hung out today, and she peed twice in the potty there smile.gif

I've been sicker this time around, but I know the nausea let up with DD around 14w (and then the heartburn started!), so I've been using that as a mental marker -- 4 more weeks.
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Jodie - Yeah, I'm lucky that my home birth midwife will treat for it right here at home without any issues (and does so routinely) so for me to get the abx isn't as much of a concern for me.  Totally agree it's a very individual and personal choice (I'm sure many might think I'm crazy for even declining last time, but then again, many people think I'm crazy and stupid for having a home birth......I digress.... :-) )  Anyway, good luck with it!  I do really hope I'm negative also - long time away though.


Brambleberry - straw bale house - so awesome!!!  Boy, that really does add to the confusion, though, eh?  I also hope it was a mixup and the test comes back negative this time around.  How nervewracking!  


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Brambleberry- Where do you live that you have a strawbale house???  I want to see a picture (if you are willing to share)!

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I need to share! Just heard my baby's heartbeat on my Ebay doppler! luxlove.gif Her/his heart was beating away at 141 bpm. heartbeat.gif I'm 13w3d. I knew this moment was emotional the other two times but you forget just how awesome it really is. love.gif


I am so in love right now. To top it off, he/she was fluttering away in there immediately after.


On cloud 9.

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Hurray, MamanFrancaise!


Jodieanneanton - I actually just posted a pix over on the pregnancy photo contest page http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1346450/the-annual-mothering-pregnancy-photo-contest/20 that shows a view of the kitchen while we were under construction (I also posted a picture near the beginning of that thread of me and DH dressed up for Halloween - that's NOT in the house).  Mostly what you see in that picture however is the rock wall between the house and the greenhouse.  Here's a better one showing the strawbale walls:


This was just after DD started crawling.  That baby proofing arrangement lasted all of a few weeks before she was demanding more freedom.  But long enough to get the rest of the house baby proofed :)

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Wow, Brambleberry!  How very cool!  Checked out the other pics, too!  :) 

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Originally Posted by MamanFrancaise View Post

I need to share! Just heard my baby's heartbeat on my Ebay doppler! luxlove.gif Her/his heart was beating away at 141 bpm. heartbeat.gif I'm 13w3d. I knew this moment was emotional the other two times but you forget just how awesome it really is. love.gif


I am so in love right now. To top it off, he/she was fluttering away in there immediately after.


On cloud 9.

That is so wonderful!  I know how bummed you were when you didn't hear it at your appointment - so happy for you! luxlove.gif



Hoping I hear something so wonderful as this at my appointment today at noon!

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Just got back from my ultrasound.  My sweet little baby was so cute!  Heart rate was 151 and he/she kept putting hands in and out of mouth.  I think I may finally believe there is someone in there!

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Last time my MW said if I used hibiclens before doing the GBS test, she asked that I do the same protocol before birth.  Well I had a lightning labor with DS and never got around to it.  I feel it was a bit irresponsible on my part, this time I want to get some more information on what everything means. 


I swear I have felt little 'flutters' but dunno, it's not in a consistent enough spot.  With DS, I felt it at 18w and it felt like someone flicking me from the inside out.  I'm being cautious, but I couldn't resist getting out the doppler SIL offered me.  I found my own heart racing around right away, but after some adjustment of my positioning, I'm pretty sure I found the bebe.  It was faint but definitely a different pulse rate than my own, estm 175 BPM. 


My first MW appt is tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to it.  I just hope that she can confirm what I heard and DH can hear it too. 

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Can I whine for a second?  I don't look pregnant at all - I look chunky.  I tried to put on a pair of regular work pants this morning and couldn't zip let alone button.  I know I wore them last week. I am just feeling down because as soon as I am pregnant, my thighs, hips, and butt get the memo immediately.  Just buy your pre-pregnancy size in maternity?  Not a chance.  I know this is a sad pity party for myself and really, I am healthy and that's what matters.  But why don't I just get a cute belly and leave the thigh/hip/butt thing alone? 


This is truly pitiful, but it annoys my DH to no end if I talk about it and I just needed to get it out.

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Yay for heartbeats MamanF,  Carson and Ava'sMama. My first appointment is next Tuesday and I so hope we can hear it although I know there's a possibility we won't be able to yet.


Carson, I think a super fast labour significantly reduces any risk of GBS anyways  and as your DS was OK obviously there's no need to feel guilty. I do agree with your MW in principle though. If you're going to game the test so to speak, than your results don't tell you anything other than that you're negative after disinfecting with Hibiclens, so it makes sense to do the same at the birth.


AFM, despite having to run to the bathroom twice while getting bread out of the fridge this morning I seem to be having another pretty decent day. Dare I hope I'm over the worst of the first tri?? And in exciting news, I have a new Leap Year Niece!  No details yet, as I assume her parents are getting a well deserved rest, but I'm anxious to see some pics!



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Brambleberry, love the house! hope that the lead results are a mistake!

So happy to hear about all of these heartbeats!!

I hit 12 weeks today . . . my e-mail weekly updates say that they baby could be sucking its thumb now!!!  squeeee!!  we have a 12 week appt with ultrasound tomorrow morning.  We've thought long and hard and decided to go ahead and do the u/s but keep it very short, like under 3-4 minutes.  The appt is at the local hospital but we have interviewed a fantastic midwife, and are checking out three birth centers this weekend.  It's baby central around here. 


Speaking of birth centers - how far are you guys willing to drive to a great birth center?  There are two 35 minutes away, and one that is 1 hour away - to me that doesn't seem like a huge difference but my DH thinks we should nix the hour away one.  We haven't been to any of them yet (this wkend) but the 1 hour away center's website looks the best of the three wink1.gif 

My belly is starting to get firmer and I'm rubber-banding every pair of pants now.  I'm scared to weigh myself.

Morning sickness has taken a strange turn, I'm rarely nauseous now because I've been very good about snacking all the time now (and because the B6 is a miracle) - but if I miss a snack it's OVER.  Long story, but I carelessly went about 7 hours without eating over the weekend and was violently ill when we finally sat down in a restaurant to have dinner.  So violently that I actually starting choking while I was thowing up in the ladies room, and the next day I found a ton (like maybe 30?) of broken capillaries along my jaw line from the pressure on my face as I was vomiting. I went back out to the table, our soup and bread had arrived, I chowed it and felt amazing just 15 minutes later.  Lesson learned!  I can't help but feel a bit like my body has been hijacked. 

Been having vivid dreams bordering on nightmares almost every night.  Dragon-like creatures as pets but wanting to attack living in the back yard, getting caught hacking my boss's e-mail, that kind of impossible but yet realistic dream where the feeling sticks long after I wake up. 


Hope you're all having a great week, and I'm so happy to be sharing these experiences with you!

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I like hearing all the good news this week!

AFM - I am still horrible nauseous. I am having a really hard time eating and the only thing this baby wants is bacon, McDonald's, candy, GS Cookies, chocolate.

At last weigh in I was down 5 lbs, which is good I guess. My belly has for sure popped out. We are still not telling everyone and people have been eyeing me suspiciously.

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Hi all, 


Well after what seemed like a long tense time at the midwife's today - I finally got to hear what I have been waiting for!


She was so excited for me too - 163 bpm and in her words "bouncing off the walls in there".  You could hear at least 5 distinct kicks on the doppler while we listened - I guess I will be having another busy baby like my first.  He moved non-stop.


We are going to tell DS and make the facebook announcement as soon as his photos come back and I can edit them to say - soon to be big brother!   luxlove.gif

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My husband is an idiot.  If you're nauseous at the moment, please don't read this. 



Men need to learn the differences between small kitchen appliances. (Click to show)

It was 60 degrees today, so I figured I'd take the kids to the park and throw something in the crock pot because we'd all be dead tired and nap all afternoon.  So I put some turkey chili in the crock pot.  When we got home from the park, the kids and I had some, it was delish.  Being exhausted we left our bowls on the table and went to nap on the couch.  

When my DH came home for lunch, he asked what smelled so good, I was half asleep, told him I had chili in the crock pot and it was ready to eat.  Cool.  I hear "that's all you made?!" and I roll my eyes and drift off to sleep.  Next thing I see when I open my eyes was him sitting in the living room eating a cup of yogurt.  Whatever, maybe he wanted to save it for dinner.  He went back to work, we kept napping.

Fast forward a little while, I wake up to the sound of the girls laughing in the kitchen.  I get up to see what they're doing, and I see them sharing a big bag of granola.  Okay, cool.  Then I see a bowl of mush on the kitchen table.
See, here in our house, we have this hard and fast rule.  If I for whatever reason neglect to put leftovers away (say not much is left and it wasn't very tasty and it wasn't priority, or I was otherwise occupied), my DH is the one who is to dispose of those rancid leftovers immediately.  I.will.puke.  I have a somewhat phobia of throwing up, so that's to be avoided at all costs...

Anyways, the other day we had some breaded steak and some rice that I experimented with and was just not good.  I didn't want to even open up the lid when i was done.  It was in a ricecooker.  My DH has been an IDIOT and has not held up his end of the deal.  

When I told him the chili was in the crock pot, he thought the rice cooker was the crock pot.  Wtf.  Rice cooker was sitting on the stove with a kitchen towel draped over it.  Crock pot was sitting all nice and shiny on the counter.  He spooned out a whole bowl of it, tried it, ate a spoonful, and decided he didn't have the heart to tell me it was revolting.  Eww.
I really hope he doesn't get sick.  I couldn't stand having that pot sitting in the kitchen any longer, so I ended up dumping it.  but shoot.  Men need to learn the differences between small kitchen appliances.  



And.. pregnancy related?  I'm exhausted.  Too exhausted.  The kids have toys everywhere.  At least I've managed to put away whatever laundry I wash, though  I'm still way behind on it.  And yay for those who are hearing heartbeats! :)

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i have another ob appointment tomorrow. gotta drag dd along for that. i'm not up for it but what can you do.

i'll let you know how it went tomorrow morning.
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