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hug2.gif Oh Brambleberry, I'm so sorry for your loss. candle.gif

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Dear Brambleberry, I am heartbroken for you.
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Oh, Brambleberry.  I am soo very sorry.  :(  I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. 

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Oh Brambleberry that is such sad news, I am so very sorry, how absolutely devastating.  hug2.gif to you and candle.gif for your little one.

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I am so sorry Brambleberry.

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How devastating, Brambleberry.  May peace, light, and love surround you.  Be gentle to yourself.  Rest.  Mourn.  Grieve.  Scream/yell/cry/everything.  Give yourself space to feel it all.  I'm so, so sorry for your loss.  (((hugs)))

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I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. tight hugs to you sweetie.



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Thanks for the thoughts, everyone.  I wasn't able to say much last night, but this morning I feel like I need to write some things down to get them out of my head.  


Yesterday afternoon I went in for my first prenatal a few days early due to some very light spotting.  When my doctor couldn't find the heartbeat (I was 10 weeks) she suggested we go ahead and do an US just for reassurance because of the spotting.  There was no heartbeat.  The fetus measured 9 1/2 weeks.  It was so hard to see it so still on the screen.  Now I wait to miscarry.  I think I want to avoid a D & C, but if this goes too long I don't know.  I'm a little scared of bleeding too much and not knowing how much blood is normal.  I hate not knowing when or how this is going to happen and there is so little info out there.  My doctor commented that 9 1/2 weeks was a little late to lose a fetus, and that has me a little concerned that there might be a bigger problem than just a random genetic abnormality.  I haven't read anything about that anywhere though...

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Brambleberry, I'm so, so sorry. Take care of yourself right now.hug2.gif

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Brambleberry: How devastating. I am so sorry to hear that. 

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I am so so sorry Brambleberry. Thinking of you and wishing comfort for you.

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((((Brambleberry)))) I'm so sorry.  My thoughts are with you

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Brambleberry- I am so very sorry for your loss- it is devastating- I wish you peace, rest and strength.  hug2.gif big hugs and lots of love.  After my 2nd miscarriage-  I had a battery of tests done- carotypes, clotting, saline utirine check, if you have any questions about them please PM me. RIght now just take care of your self and cross the try again bridges when you are ready candle.gif

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hug.gifBrambleberry. I'm so very sorry

After my loss (which was only at 6w5d) I was actually pretty angry, and a few people who I told IRL (my sister and my SIL) were really sad for me, and it almost got to where I wished that I hadn't told them, because that's not how I felt, IYKWIM.

The Pregnancy Loss forum is very supportive, if you want some BTDT advice or opinions or experience with wait it out, what to expect, or a D and C.
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Brambleberry, I'm so sorry for your loss. 


I had all the tests 2SS mentions above to try and figure out my other losses.  I was happy that I did it.

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Brambleberry- I'm so very sorry for your loss. greensad.gif I also had testing done after my last, third, loss. It helped me feel more prepared to go into another pregnancy. The birth and loss board here was a tremendous source of support for me. There very wise ladies, who have BTDT, and have lots of great advice and support. Wishing you peace. hug2.gif
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Brambleberry I'm so sorry.  Hang in there. hug2.gif

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Hugs and love to you bramble berry! So sorry for your loss!xoxo
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