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Shooting pains in breast after feeding

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Sometimes when my baby is done feeding I get tingling in my nipples and sometimes pain in my breasts. I searched online and found out that it might be due to the fact that the baby squishes the nipple and the blood vessels are squished too. I try to unlatch my baby and then start again. She has started doing this from 2 weeks. Is anybody else facing this issue?
Besides unlatching the baby is there any other solution
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I have that problem too sometimes! I am curious as to what BTDT mamas have to say. 

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Is your nipple white after the baby comes off?  That is vasospasm of the nipple (of form of Raynaud's syndrome).  You can look it up online.  I had this with my last two babies and finally found relief with massive amounts of evening primrose oil supplements.  There used to be a paper online by some Australian lactation consultants that outlined this treatment.  I believe fish oil works as well.

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I looked it up online and yes it is Nipple vasospasm. I will try the oil.
How long does it take for the pain to entirely go away? Did you also apply warmth to your breasts or did the oil alone worked?
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(disclaimer: this is just what worked for me)  Anyway, I had to take 12 Evening Primrose capsules a day.  It took about 2 weeks before I really noticed a difference (I had had pain for six months) and 6 weeks before I felt it was completely gone.  At that point, I weaned down the amount I was taking over the course of weeks.  I nursed my son for more that 3 years and after that, once and a while the pain would come back (I felt it might have been associated with ovulation), but I found if I took the Evening Primrose oil capsules for a few days during those times, it got better again.

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I hear ya OP! I have this issue as well (vasospasms) and it can be very painful, sometimes excruitiating for me.  Some mamas on here recommended a B6 complex.  I haven't tried that yet but I am certainly going to. Avoid cold (and caffeine).  I haven't found that warmth helped me out too much with this issue after feeding but you can certainly try it.  Dry heat such as a heating pad or even a blow dryer may help (sounds weird I know).  I also heard a warm rice sock works wonders.  I have been using a heating pad afterwards which just helps to ease the pain a bit.  I didn't know about the Evening Primrose oil so I'll have to try that


It really stinks I know! 

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