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Boobs STILL sore?

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I know it's common in the first few weeks of pregnancy, but come on! I don't know if it's because mine have gotten so much bigger this time around (up 2 cup sizes already), or what, but some days they are super tender still. I can't even think about sleeping without a sports bra or something on, because the next day I'll be super sore all day long. 


Is anyone else experiencing this still? I'm worried about going up at least two more cup sizes when my milk comes in...yikes!!!blush.gif

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Mine too! I'm 26 weeks tomorrow and I jump if they get touched at all. Like yelping when they get accidentally brushed. I really hope they don't get too much bigger as I am already into the nursing bra I had last time (although I have a bit of room to grow in it). 

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Mine are still sore at 24 weeks.  I went up an extra cup size from DDD's and its impossible to find a comfortable bra at this point.  I too am hoping they don't get bigger, because frankly, I already feel like they're suffocating me when I do my morning yoga.  It's like carrying around a pair of dumbbells on my chest.

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http://www.barelythere.com/bras/detail/X069.aspx?sid=X069&sf=1  <-- This is what I've been wearing for the past... well.. pretty much since I got pregnant. I can't fit into any of my regular bras at this point, and there is no way I could tolerate an underwire even if I could fit into them. I got mine at target.


Oh, and I'm a 36F or so at this point.

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Mine have periods of soreness.  I think I just feel the growing and then they hurt.  But it's not everyday for weeks on end, but it will last for days at a time.  Mine are pretty large at the moment too.  I just go buy bigger band sizes, because I can't find the 38F-G in the stores for cheap.  But, if I get a 40DDD it works.  For now.

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Mine were not sore until I hit the second trimester and are still sore at 24 weeks.  With my first two they were sore during the entire 1st trimester then stopped at the 2nd trimester with everything else. With #3 they were fine until I hit the second trimester.


I have NO clue what size I am and am kinda scared to find out :P  Right now I mostly wear maternity tanks with the built in bra under everything. 

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Mine are still sore at this point too. I'm pretty small, in that I was a 32A before DD, then after her I was a 34B. Now I'm already a 36C. The soreness was definitely worse in the first trimester, but it's still pretty bad now. I've found that massaging them in the evenings helps a little, but some days they are just so tender I dont want even the sheets on them.
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Yes, I've been dealing with the soreness and trying to find a good supportive bra. I'm afraid to spend alot b/c I don't know how much bigger I'll get:)


Any D's+ out there that find the standard measurements inaccurate? I understand that over a D they don't work. Anyway, I've measured myself and I'm sure that I'm at least a 34DD, but the charts say, 34AA(!)--that gave me a good laugh. I know that I can go to Nordstrom and get a good accurate measurement there but then I feel so obligated to buy a bra!


Anyone have luck with the bravado allure or sublime?


Also, I'm dealing with fibrocystic breasts (ugh) which adds to the discomfort some days and wondering if underwire is causing more irritation or just b/c the bra is getting tight?



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There is a good tutorial for measuring on www.breakoutbras.com, plus they have lots of nice larger size bra. I personally haven't even bothered buying anything else yet, because I'm sure it won't fit once my milk comes in.

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