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Omega 3 good for Autism?

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Hi there. I am very lost on the whole subject and apologize for coming off as ignorant (because I really am!). Our oldest (6yrs) is in the process of being diagnosed with Autism or Asperger's. I have heard that Omega 3 can be helpful for people with these challenges. Has anyone within the community heard about that? Or any other supplements? He is already on a gluten free/dairy free diet due to intolerance since birth. Thank you!

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It is a popular supplement for ASD and ADHD kids. From what I've read studies have shown that it improves attention at the very least. I've been giving it to my son for about a year now and he has only improved in all areas. I think it is worth it. I use Omega Cure because it is supposed to be the purest and free of all toxins. They have a website you order from and they are very helpful and friendly on the phone too. You can also find less expensive brands at places like Whole Foods. The ASD/ADHD diet book discusses a lot of minerals and nutrients that the kids are often lacking, other foods to eliminate that they might be sensitive to, and things like soaking in epson salt baths. You may find it helpful.

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I've heard about Omega 3 being good for just about everything including ASD and speech delays. I'm not really sure about the science behind it when it comes to autism and developmental delays. However, I decided at least it couldn't hurt, and it would be good for overall health anyway, so I started giving my son an Omega 3 supplement when he was about two (about a year and half ago).  I couldn't tell you if it's having any effect as far as his autism and speech delay goes. He's made a lot of improvement, but that could be, and most likely is, due to other factors.  

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In October 2010, Scientific American ran an article which went through all of the popular alternative treatments for ASDs and then looked at the evidence to support their use.


Omega 3 supplements was one of the supplements that they found to be helpful, based on the evidence.



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The link provides a list of research for various health conditions, including Autism under the childrens health section.  Omega 3 is so beneficial for anyone, but it has helped my my children who have autism.   There is also information about omega 3s and other biomedical and dietary interventions on autism.com.



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Thank you very much, especially for the links. My 6yo is also very sensitive to textures and it has been a chore finding a type he will take. So far it looks like the gummies are the winner. I hate to give him those b/c they are pretty much candy. greensad.gif

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we recently switched back to the gummies for our two autistic boys,,,,they refused to drink the oil so we were doing it transdermally for awhile but the smell was just too much..still trying to get it out of jammies.  flax seed oil is just as good but you have to take a LOT more.  one of my son's wouldn't do the gummies but now, strangely, will....


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My name is Debbie and I have a son with Autism and Fragile X Syndrome.  I too heard how good Omega 3's were for kids with autism.  In January my son's teacher gave me a bag of Mila which is a proprietary blend of Salvia hispanics L. seed commonly known as chia.  It is known as the WORLD's healthiest whole raw food!  I too eat it daily.  It has helped my son immensely!   He is much calmer, focused and his tantrums have almost diminished.  He just seems so much happier.  One scoop of Mila has 3,000 mg of plant based Omega 3's, loaded with antioxidants, fiber, protein and phytonutrients and is non-GMO, sugar-free, gluten-free and trans-fat free.  I am such a believer in this that I became a distributor for the company that produces it called Lifemax.  Please believe me that I am not trying to sell this to you to make a dollar,  I along with my son's teacher Kim are trying to get this Mila Miracle seed out to the Autistic community, and the only way we can do it is by becoming a distributor for this company.  Yes, you can buy chia seed at your local market, but it doesn't have the consistency that Mila has.  Check out this web-site:  MyLifemax: My Health, My Wealth, My Life...to the Max!  and seed for change.  If you are interested in try it you can order it here:  Lifemax | Home.  The consistency is like a fine oatmeal.  My son drinks it in his juice cup and loves it.  You can also put it in yogurt or any type of food.  If you want me to send you a free small packet you can email me at:  Debsmila@gmail.com

All the best!



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