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Online Bookclubs

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Does anyone know of some GOOD, interactive online bookclubs or sites?  I am a member at shelfari but after being there over a year I desire to be on a site that I can do more with the reviews and books I have.  Really Shelfari is just keeping track of your books, reviews and goals.  There are clubs but there are so many clubs dead, you can't chat or do quizzes, etc. about the books.  It's hard to gain friendships (at least for me) and I desire to interact a lot more about these great (or horrible) books I'm reading.

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You are always welcome to post in the "Books, Media and Other Music" forum here (just one level up on the dropdown menu) about books you are reading. There's an ongoing monthly thread. You can also start a thread about a specific book or genre. I'm interested to know what great (or horrible) books you are reading now. Any recommendations? Anything you wouldn't recommend? 



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