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From my 12.5 week U/S:      Look at that foot! xo

photo (20).JPG

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BBean that is freaky! (in a good way smile.gif )

This is a dumb question, but is that a 3D ultrasound? Or what? It looks really different to me from the ones I've had.

Would you look at that 9.4cm BABY! Wow smile.gif
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Carlin, that's kind of how my MW reacted.  She was fascinated by it but said things could have gone badly because of it...

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yes, it's a 3d. that is a cute little perfect baby. unbelievable that our bodies can make this in such short time.
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How cool BBean!

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Turns out, that's a GIRL!!!!! xo  joy.gif     



PS I didn't specifically go to get 3D, my OB at the midwifery office just has it with his machine.

He always tries to get a great picture. Last time, around 15 weeks, we could tell the sex but her face was crammed into my anterior placenta...so no updated pic! Bummer. 

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Yay BBean!  Did you go in for another ultrasound to see?

I have an elective ultrasound coming up next Monday... so we'll see what we're cookin!

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Oh I'm so happy for you BBean, congrats on your babygirl. I will be going for an ultrasound tomorrow, have to drag my kids along but they are excited to hear and see the baby too. I hope everything goes well, it's been seven weeks since the last ultrasound.

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I'm a huge fan of girls!  hooray!!!

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Originally Posted by Lauren82 View Post

My last menstrual period was in 2010 as we caught the first post partum egg this time around. It was hilarious to see the look on the nurse's face at the OB office every time she would ask me for my last period date.

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Originally Posted by Carlin View Post

Carson, they didn't really say much, just that it was one of the weirdest placentas they'd seen,lol. They did go a little white when they first saw it because if any of those arteries or veins between the two lobes had stretched across the cervix things could have turned out very, very badly.

Carlin--I was wondering if you had to actually do any interventions after your ultrasound showed these things?  Or was it a watch and see approach?  You said it would have been really bad if you hadn't known ahead of time, which made it sound like you had to do something to "fix" things?  Or take extra precautions? I hope you don't mind me asking. I get so interested in all of this stuff!


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With my first we had just the 20 week.

With my second we did an early u/s for dating, because I had no clue how far along I was (turned out I was about 7 weeks), the 20 week, a follow up at 36 weeks due to a very low lying placenta AND another at 38 weeks because I was in a car crash.

With my third, we did two early viability u/s, one at 6 wks and one at 8 wks. And the 20 week, and that's it.

With my fourth, we did the early u/s, I'm doing the first trimester screen at 11wk and 5d, (today), and the then the 20 week, I have no plan to do more. By now I've had three early losses, and despite having never done the NT test before, I decided to do it this time. Perhaps it's nearly being 35, or paranoia, I don't know. I just felt compelled to do it this time. So we are! In about four hours!

Bbean, did you find out sex at your NT? DH would be thrilled if I got to call and tell him! He's chomping at the bit to know what we're having. I'm more inclined to wait until birth, but given the fact we're moving this summer, I'm giving in just for planning/logistics, etc.
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Mackinnon - my Dr said he could make an educated guess at my 12 week scan. I declined. But he said he is usually 90% accurate.
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I had quite a few done with my first pregnancy.  I had a dating one done, because he was our little surprise and I hadnt really kept track of anything, so I only knew a possible date.  Then we had the 20 week one done, and his kidneys were flagged as being dialated and if it stayed that way, it could have meant a possible surgery after he was born.  I had about 2 more after that and the kidneys worked themselves out, and finally one at 36-37 weeks because I was having horrible blood pressure issues and they wanted to check to make sure he was okay, and if they needed to take him, if he was developing right on schedule.


For this one, I had the dating ultrasound done at 7 weeks only because we lost our last pregnancy at 10 weeks along but there were signs during my 8 week scan last time that showed problems, so I didnt heisitate to get that one done.  I also had one done at 12 weeks because of spotting/light bleeding issues that came up (once again around the time we miscarried last time) so they did one to check and make sure everything was fine.  They found that my placenta was a little low on that one.  I am to get the 20 week ultrasound and I am fine with that, but after that I am not suppose to have any others done, it just depends on if they find something that needs to be monitored with baby at the 20 week one. 

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I've had two so far - one at 7 weeks, and when they saw some blood pooling in the lining of my uterus, they ordered a second for the 11 week, and went ahead and measured the neural tubes during that scan.  I opted for the early scan for two reasons:

1.  Multiples run in my family, and I wanted to be prepared in the event that there was more than one baby

2.  I have heard horror stories about tubal pregnancies, placenta issues, and all other sorts of problems and was paranoid (can someone say first time mom?  ha!)


I'll have the 20 week, and if things are progressing normally, I don't see any reason to get any after that unless there are complications.

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BBean, that is awesome!  We had one glimpse of a 3D last time with our first set of twins but it was pretty far along and there wasn't a lot of room in there so we didn't really get a good look.  It's amazing how a tiny baby can have everything so perfect!


With my first, I had three ultrasounds, one at 6 weeks because of some bleeding, one at 18 weeks and another at 20 weeks to recheck some measurements.


With the girls, we had a lot.  The first was at 14 weeks, and then about every 2 weeks after that.  At 24 weeks, my cervix began to shorten and then we had some growth discrepancies between the girls so we were closely monitored and transferred to the high risk clinic where you go for an u's with every appointment.


I imagine with this pregnancy being twins again, it will be similar, although maybe slightly less since they are di/di this time and slightly lower risk.  So far we had one at 8 weeks, and then another at 10 weeks to determine chorionicity. 

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I had none with my first two, 1 with my third then after a few miscarriages I had an early one with my fourth for viability with my fifth we did an early to rule out twins and with this one (#6) I had several miscarriages over the last year so also did an early for viability and they found a big clot under the placenta so had two more to monitor the clot size and if it was disolving which it did.  I have to admit when I see the ultrasound now I have a huge grin on my face for days.  After having many miscarriages I am always happy to see an alive baby.  I do miss however the simplicity of my first 3 pregnancies and having them be complete surprises.   With this one we will have the 20 week and a 35 week to check scar integrity as my last was an emergnecy c/s and we are planning  a  home birth for this one and my midwife requires that.

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Bbean I love that u/s picture it is so wonderful.  My 8 week, so 6 weeks of gestation, scan looked very clearly like a baby it is so amazing to me that so quickly they are babies.joy.gif

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Lauren82. We had the same thing. Last menstrual period october 2010. Someone actually tried to correct what they thought was a mistake and changed it to 2011. When I went to my new obgyn he said 'so your last period was october?' and started calculating dates.. and I had to correct him to october 2010. I was breastfeeding my son at the time and didnt know for a while,or at least till I woke up uncontrollably puking, that I was pregnant again. The due dates for DS #1 and baby #2 are identical, September 5th, just 1 year apart!

Originally Posted by Lauren82 View Post

I don't hesitate to get an early ultrasound if I am unsure of dates. My last menstrual period was in 2010 as we caught the first post partum egg this time around. It was hilarious to see the look on the nurse's face at the OB office every time she would ask me for my last period date.


I also get the 20 week anatomy scan. There are certain heart conditions that can be picked up during this scan and the baby's life could possible be saved with surgery after birth if the conditions are known ahead of time. I am also on a large dose of anti thyroid medication that could possibly effect the baby's thyroid/growth so I will probably end up with a couple more ultrasounds in the 3rd trimester.




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Here's my 15w2d 2D u/s:




And the one that really, REALLY creeps me out.. the 3D.





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