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LOL WCM: Those are some skinny little arms. Somebody needs to fatten up but I guess there are more important things right now like brain and nerve development. I will do the 3D later on, toward the end of pregnancy. I'm perfectly content with the grainy 2D so far :). Congrats again on girl #3.


@Lauren: I had the same thing with my period, even though nobody really ever said anything. I conceived DS in June 2006 and DD in November 2007 on the very first egg, so when I went in to get my pregnancy confirmed and they asked when my last period was, I said May 2006, holy moly :). I think I didn't get a period until March 2009 or so again...so I was period free for almost three years, how awesome. I was very happy though to see it back after that time. I'm one of those women that really like her period LOL. I don't think I'd wanna live without it.



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WCM, that first one is super cute! I've got to say I find the 3D USs a little creepy too, especially some of the early ones. On the other hand, my DD looked like skeletor in our 2D pic so it wasn't much better!


5Boysplus, sorry I didn't see this earlier! Actually we didn't do anything as none of these things were found on the US. It's just that there was the potential for major issues if the tissue and blood vessels had gone across the cervix. As it turned out they didn't, but we didn't even find out they existed until after the placenta was delivered. If the US had picked up what it should have, it probably would have just been a matter of having a more detailed ultrasound to make sure everything was all right.


It's also possible that having only a 2 vessel cord may have caused a small amount of interuterine growth restriction as my DD was only 6 lbs 14 oz at 41 w 3 d. That's just a possibility though and really wasn't an issue as she was perfectly  healthy and alert. In a lot of ways I'm glad we didn't  know about the cord as it can be a sign that there are other problems and I probably would have been in for a lot of unneccesarry worry and possibily testing and intervention.

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Carlin--I was wondering if you had to actually do any interventions after your ultrasound showed these things?  Or was it a watch and see approach?  You said it would have been really bad if you hadn't known ahead of time, which made it sound like you had to do something to "fix" things?  Or take extra precautions? I hope you don't mind me asking. I get so interested in all of this stuff!



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WCM - congrats on your little girl!  What fabulous pics!

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Her umbilical cord was too thick at her NT to tell the sex. Bummer!
We did a quick peek at 15 weeks to see what we could see. He said, "It's a future midwife!"
So cute!
Our next and last u/s is for the 20 week anatomy scan.
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