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The Annual Mothering Pregnancy Photo Contest  

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Did you announce your pregnancy in a creative way? Do you have a gorgeous pregnancy photo to show off? Any sort of visual reflection of your pregnancy that you'd like to share? Post it here and you'll be entered to win!


Three  winners will receive a Mothering Supporter Membership and a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate.


Please read the Contest Terms and Conditions before you participate. Post one image per post. Winners will be chosen by the editorial panel based on thumbs up and total participation on the thread (limit of one prize per entrant). So spread the word and thumbs-up your favorites!


Last date to post an entry is March 13th. US and Canadian residents only.


Here are a few creative ideas to encourage your imagination:













All images courtesy of Pinterest Pinners.

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Here is how we announced our current pregnancy, with my daughter's signature "smushie face":



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This is one of my favorites, from my bellydancing troupe.

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August 24th 2011 Mommy 34, Anna 3, baby John (7 months pregnant)

Anna (3 years old) and myself at 7 months pregnant. August 2011.

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8 Months pregnant with our first

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Deleted this photo in favor of one posted later.

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If we have our photographer's permission, can we submit a professional pregnancy photo?

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Seven months pregnant, doing tree pose by a tree in Mexico.

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We made this cake to announce our first. cake.jpg

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This was me at 40 weeks pregnant with my daughter (who is now about to turn 7 months old!)

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This picture of my 2nd trimester belly pretty well captures the essence of my third pregnancy. It was this dreamy, cosmic experience from conception to birth.

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Me, 8.5 months pregnant with #4, who was the survivor of 3.  :o)



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a favorite from our last pregnancy, twin girls...that's my son and i at the beach in venice, ca.

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I feel so blessed to have this photo of me and my daughter as one. My pal Hannah Boyles took it of me when I was a few days overdue*


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from the same shoot, 7 months pregnant with twins. :)

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My belly and our hands at 37 weeks with our daughter

My belly and our hands, at 37 weeks pregnant with our daughter

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Around 7 months pregnant with my boy who is now 2 years old!



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this is me 38 weeks pregnant with my son Reed last summer

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