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Anteriour placenta club??

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Ha ha, not really starting a club, but it seems like there's quite a few of us, so I'm curious where everyone is at with feeling baby etc.


I remember feeling so worried and disapointed about it with previous babies. It's so frustrating not to feel baby moving!! That's the best part after all. And I make HUGE placentas, so when they cover, they really cover.


So here I am, 18 weeks, 4th babe, and I don't really think I've felt any movement at all. Anyone else??



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They told me at my ultrasound that mine is anterior also. I also have a lot of abdominal fat, so that's a couple of strikes against me being able to feel much. I would be surprised if DH ever gets to feel the kicks from the outside.


I feel movement every day to varying degrees, but it feels indistinct, mostly like a feeling of pressure and maybe a squirmy feeling. I can see where this is stressful for moms (I'm 21w with my first) because they tell you to get into kick counts and all that stuff, and to worry if you can't feel the baby moving, but I really can't feel much most of the time. Sometimes, because of the way it feels, I wonder if I'm feeling Braxton-Hicks contractions instead of movement. It's so hard to pick out anything definite.


ETA: I wish now that I had rented a Doppler. I think it would have helped put my mind at ease to be able to hear the heartbeat on occasions where I was worried that I hadn't felt anything in a while.

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I too have an anterior placenta.  I found out for sure at an u/s at 18 weeks.  I feel her move only on the left lower side of my stomach....It feels like squirming most of the time.  I do feel small jabs somethimes.  this is # 3 for me and the first time I have had an anterior placenta.  It is somewhat disappointing that I dont feel her kicks like the other two, but when I feel them I am so excited!

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I had an anterior placenta as of my 11w ultrasound, so I'm not sure if it's moved or not. This is my first baby, and I felt movement one night at 15w, but haven't felt it since then, and now I'm 19w. It's kind of bumming me out.

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Mine was anterior last time, so I feel for you ladies! Luckily, later on I could still feel her quite well, it was still nothing compared to my first two.

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Anterior here, too. My placenta covers most of my belly except for a little strip on my far left side and the very, very bottom of my belly. I was feeling tiny flutters there every now and then for a few weeks, though it wasn't all that often. Somehow once I turned to 20 weeks, weirdly on that day even, I started feeling more movements in the middle. It's still faint, but definitely more of a push or a kick or punch or something than just a flutter. On my little left side strip, we've felt movement from the outside a couple of times. It all depends on what position the baby's in. Sometimes it'll be a few days in between feeling much of anything still and some days I'll feel the kicks all day, though softly for the most part.


I was so bummed at first because I couldn't really feel anything! I'm starting to feel better now that I'm feeling more. I think the baby just needed to get a bit bigger. I'm 21 weeks today so I figure it's all downhill from here in the kicks department, right?

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I've also got a nice, over-healthy layer of adipose tissue on my belly, so I'm sure that doesn't help matters any. I'm just so jealous of you all who've been feeling things for weeks!

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I'm a little confused because they told me the placenta was anterior but on the top. I guess it has to be one way or another. I have been feeling a decent amount of movement lately all over the front of my belly. No one made mention of DD's placenta until delivery when they told me it was plastered across the front of my uterus. As I mentioned in another post, I have been working on daily head stands to help with everything overall. Not sure if that has anything to do with placenta at the top....

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My placenta is anterior, too, but I do feel some movement.  I feel it especially at the bottom of my belly or when I'm laying on my side at night.  I am worried that hubby won't get to feel the baby kick, though.  I can feel much more than he would be able to, but I'm guessing that with a posterior placenta, I could feel tons more.

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I bet he'll be able to feel it soon. DP got to feel something in the middle of my belly once a couple of days ago and I sat there with my hand on my belly loving feeling it from both inside and out. I just have to put my hand very firmly on my belly and concentrate on feeling the movements because they still feel faint, but they're there and feeling stronger all of the time.

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 I'm anterior again, as I was last time.  Not sure about the first two times, lol, too long ago.  I'm 20 wks now and am really starting to feel some strong movement, though it is light. 

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For the first time yesterday I feel my baby girl moving in the middle of my belly by my belly button! I can actuall see and feel her move! I am so excited
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Originally Posted by DeepLove View Post

For the first time yesterday I feel my baby girl moving in the middle of my belly by my belly button! I can actuall see and feel her move! I am so excited

Yay! Must be anterior and low? Mine was that way with Mae, I could feel her on one side and then towards the top better than anywhere else towards the end (I could feel her anywhere, but there was the clearest movements)

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You never know. I'm anterior and high (I asked during our ultrasound last week) and I've been feeling movements in the middle and towards the top now, too. 


I've also nicknamed the baby BK which is short for Bladder Kicker. I have to pee so much more now than I ever did.

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I can join the club! I am anterior and high. I have a few inches on the bottom where I have been feeling most of the movement. I had no idea it was anterior until the ultrasound because I feel so much movement! I hope I will eventually be able to feel movement up higher and in my ribs. I did not get that with my second baby and I really want it this time.
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You can add me to the club! What's with all these APs in our DDC?! Crazy. I don't know exactly where mine is, though I know it's high. Explains why the movements I've been feeling have seemed a bit...muffled--lots of squirms but not many actual kicks, and nothing on the outside yet. I feel like I'm going to have to be even more focused on fetal positioning now...off to research AP and the likelihood of posterior lie
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Thank you so much for starting this thread!  I am also anterior and, like scarykarry, I have been fighting off moments of anxiety or disappointment in not feeling the fetus move "enough."


Around week 19 I started to feel distinctive flutters but then, it would never be consistent or even daily.  Now that I am almost 22 weeks I do feel significant jabs and shifts on certain days and at certain times (mostly when I lay down to sleep), but there are still days when I feel next to nothing.  Sometimes it alarms me.  DH really wants to feel those jabs...but even when I put my uterus against his back at night and shout out "Did you just feel that!?"  He says, "no." 





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Yep, I'm now officially 20 weeks, and have only felt the baby move twice: once at 15w5d, and once at 19w3d. We've got our 20w anatomical u/s on Wednesday, which I'm sure will make me feel better, but I'm still sad that I've felt so little so far.

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I just know you'll start feeling movement soon! For me it started up quite a bit almost exactly when I hit 20 weeks. I still have to be sitting in a certain position and relaxed to feel the movements the most, but I'm starting to feel them more and more where I know my placenta is. 

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I remember at 27 weeks with Mae I was feeling enough that even my hubby could feel her from the outside :) It shouldn't be long for you Karrey!

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