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Okay, now finally at 23 weeks, I'm starting to feel these sort of squirming feelings inside. That must be the baby! I actually started really feeling them last week, along with some random pokes from within. I still can't really tell what position it's lying in, but I'm sure it's all downhill from here!

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I was unable to feel much movement til I was about 21 weeks and then it was so light, which is strange compared to my last two which I felt around 14 weeks and regularly since then. I pretty much figured on my own that I have the anterior placenta but don't really have any proof of it.


I'm 25 weeks as of yesterday and boy have they kicked up in intensity!!! They went from these light jabs and kicks barely visible to these assaulting ninja moves and you can now see my belly moving and flexing as he/she changes positions and kicks up a storm! There's no stoppin this lo now!!


You other ladies notice this as well around the 25th week?

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Now at 25 + 4 feel a lot more movement. Especially if I eat 2 candy bars!
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Tomorrow I'll be 29 weeks, and I feel TONS of movement!  It feels like baby is starting to get cramped, so I keep feeling elbows, knees, feet, you name it.  LOL  I am always surprised at how strong he / she is getting.  So glad everyone else is feeling movement, too - we'll show those darned anterior placentas!  :)

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Agreed, I am feeling lots more movement too at just over 28w (and I'm a plus-size lady in addition to having an anterior placenta. I've heard of other fat women who are told "you'll never be able to feel the baby kick," so even though I knew that was ridiculous, I couldn't help worrying about it). I still can't tell what way the baby is facing at any given time, but DH was able to feel her kick last week, and I saw an impressive movement sort of ripple all the way across my belly the other day (assume the baby was rolling over or throwing an elbow or something lol.gif). DH has seen my belly move before, and I've been seeing the kicks, flutters, etc. visually for quite a while, but whenever I would put his hand on there to feel, baby would stop kicking. This happened tons of times. Finally he "outsmarted" her and got to feel it! It was very cool to see his face. He was clearly very affected by the experience.


He is so excited for the baby in general, and talks to her every day. He'll be a great dad.

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I'm between 28 & 29 weeks now. At 26 weeks the baby started moving like crazy for a day. It hasn't been like that since. Now I constantly wonder about positioning. I wonder if because of anterior placenta, I don't feel foot kicks as dramatically and I know this baby has feet from the anatomy scan.

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I am 30 weeks and I can definitely feel good movement and have for a few weeks now.  Stronger kicks near my ribs and little flutters down lower.  I can feel a butt on my right side and my midwife says baby is ROA. 

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I'm feeling much more movement now! I've been able to start doing kick counts (if I want, although the baby moves enough that I don't really worry about it too much). I still can't pinpoint what position it's in, but that's okay. I'll ask my midwife at my next appointment to see if she can palpate the position, so that I can have a sort of baseline to try to gauge it from now on.


The weirdest feeling nowadays is when the fetus stretches, I think. I don't feel much pressure on my cervix, but LOTS of pressure on my diaphragm/lungs/heart. I haven't gotten to the bigness point where it's like that all the time, thankfully.

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I updated on the appointments thread as well, but my baby girl is posterior and breech. We are 30 weeks. She had flipped head down at our last appointment two weeks ago, but today the us tech said she had her bum pretty well wedged into my pelvis. Wasn't able to talk to the doctor since she had to cancel at the last minute, but supposed to see her on Monday. I know we have time for her to flip again and am going to try whatever I can to get her there, but getting a little nervous.


She is moving a lot. Sometimes she gets quiet but seems to sense when I am thinking about her and moves a bit. I've woken her up a few times giving her some nudges. Mostly I am feeling a ton of pressure movement right behind my pubic bone.

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