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Should i buy a Shop Vac or an Oreck? Any advice?

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Thanks to a nice windfall from the Federal government this year i am in a position to buy a new vacuum cleaner.  I would like this to be the last vacuum cleaner that i need to buy!  I have been through a battery of cheap useless vacuums in the last 6 years and im ready for a quality machine!

I need a vacuum cleaner to be sturdy and strong- we currently have a small 3 bedroom apartment that is entirely carpeted - even the dining room where we eat - (were renting this is not my choice!)

I have two teenagers, one toddler and messy DH, we also have one long hair cat - his shedding isnt so terrible - my main concern is food, yarn and thread.  I currently have a Riccar that initially was terrific but now clogs every time i use it.  Having such bulky stuff on the floor leads me to believe that i could really use the Shop Vac. 

Does anyone have one?  they look like they might not be as easy to use as the Oreck.  Currently i would say i need the vacuum most for the high use areas - like every day.   And the rest of the house - typically once a week will suffice. 

Appreciate any input!

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When I was single and childless, I bought a shopvac as my main house vacuum - house had wood floors and 2 dogs. Ultimately, it was not a good idea - it was super hard on my body since it's not meant for regular household use, and it blew dust all around. I still have it and use it for the mess after arts and crafts projects, or for cleaning the car, but ultimately it adds more dust than it removes for inside use. Still have the 2 dogs, and now 2 sheddy cats too.


I have a kenmore upright, expensive, and it's doing fine after 4 years, but there must be something better out there. I'm always on the lookout.

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Thanks for the insight - i was told - by the vacuum repair people who are constantly fixing my Riccar,  that they were powerhouses - i started to think i  must be doing something wrong...like other people dont rely on their vacuum cleaners to pick up pistachio nuts, kitty litter and various legos on a daily basis - thats what gave me the idea for a Shop Vac. 

Long ago i had a Kenmore Canister that was the BEST - i got rid of it thinking some Eureka upright would be better ...i was wrong , and started myself on 6 years of bad rugs!  I bought it for $69.00 when i divorced my husband in 2001 - when i tried to replace it after the Eureka mistake in 2005 it cost $369.00!   But your right Kenmore is a good product.... 

so confused!

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I had an Oreck once.  It died after a few months.  I paid a vaccuum repair guy to fix it and it died a few months later.  He said that Oreck and Dyson were two of the biggest rip-offs in the vaccuum world.  He suggested a Miele but those are crazy expensive.

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I have a Miele vacuum that is 9 years old now.  I LOVE it.  I use it every day and tackle serious homeschool/indoor pet/farm traffic with it.  It has never broken or stopped working.  When we replaced our first vacuum, I was frazzled that it only lasted 5 years.  The salesperson said that most vacuums are made to break in 2-3 years, but that the Mieles have a 10-15 year lifespan.  The moment mine has had it, I'll be getting another Miele.  I don't know when that'll be, though!!  I live out in the country and just order a few boxes of bags online now and then.  

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I have heard nothing but wonderful things about Miele ...i was just about set on one - my DH talked me out of it!  we wound up getting a shop vac after all.  DH is convinced that other people do not expect their vacuum cleaner to pick up cashews, legos, bits of yarn and the occasional meatball.  He feels that would be the job of a Shop Vac - not a vacuum.  the shop vac was very cheap - so far , its lighter than my Riccar, and it does what it I need it to do!   So for now, i am happy with this decision...one day, when there arent so many legos and meatballs on the floor - i will look at the Miele again!  

Thank you all for your input!

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