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Knocked for a crazy loop this morning when I opened my email. I got an email from the July 2011 Baby Center Due Date club saying that my baby is 6 months 4 weeks old. I was pregnant back in November of 2010 and I remember that we were so happy because my due date fell on my husband's birthday, July 25. I lost the baby at seven weeks and this may sound strange but I bounced back really quickly and pretty much got over it. I knew that mc is relatively common. It happens. We just focused on getting pregnant again.


I was pregnant again in May and THAT was the pregnancy I put all my hopes on. I immediately went to a high-risk OB for beta blood draws and scheduled an ultrasound for six weeks. Unfortunately, My betas ended up being 100, 150, and 75 and I knew it was over. I was blind with grief for four straight weeks until I got pregnant again immediately during the next cycle. Now I'm carrying a baby girl and I'm 31 weeks pregnant!


I've been so focused on this new pregnancy and so happy with every milestone (heartbeat, movement, anatomy can, viability at 24 weeks, etc.) that I haven't given a lot of thought to my miscarriages. In fact, my niece just gave birth to a baby on what would have been my due date with the second miscarriage (yesterday) and I was thrilled. I never once thought about my miscarriages the whole day. Instead I was thinking ahead to this baby and excited about meeting her.


Then the email this morning. My baby would have been 6 months and 4 weeks old. Holy cow. I can't believe this has hit me so hard this time around. I know it was just a trigger and I'll be fine, but it was so unexpected.


ETA: The strange thing is I haven't gotten any other emails from then before. I forgot that I had even signed up for that due date club.



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Ugh, that sounds like a really rough thing to face so unexpectedly first thing in the morning. Hope you're hanging in there today and able to focus on the joy of this upcoming birth! Hugs, mama.

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((HUGS)) Sounds like a rough morning. Miscarriage is never easy and especially when you are pregnant again and extra emotional and in tune with your body, it can be even more difficult to think about. I'm sorry you got that unexpected email and like cookie said, I hope you can focus on your upcoming birth -- only about 10 more weeks for us now!! 

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((hugs)) mama.

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Sandy- I am thinking about you tonight. I have not been through that but I can imagine what it would be like to be blindsided like that and I can envision a kick to the stomach. I am sending you hugs and best wishes.

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Big Hugs, Sandy.

I don't mean to sound all Pollyanna or like I am minimizing your feelings at all (so I hope you *hear* this in the spirit it is intended) but I am so glad that you are 31 weeks pregnant with a beautiful healthy baby right now! I can't imagine how much more that email could have hurt if you were not carrying within you that beautiful life that you are right now.

I am so glad for your sake that you have this something beautiful to look forward to in just a few short weeks!!! <3

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