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27. rubber stamp sold

28. rubber stamp sold


72 to go! I had better ramp this up...

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1 baby outfit to a coworker

8 shirts

6 pairs of pants - both to a friend for her DS




New total 82/100

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4 pairs of shorts that were in the back of my car to a mom I just met (one of DDs friends parents). The mom was on her way to buy shorts in that size at the resale shop.

64 to go. DD has also identified some stuff to go, which is really, really good!
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29. body wash

30. shampoo

31. muesli bars

32. chocolate sultanas

33. crackers

34. old night cream

35. toning lotion

36. novelty pen

37. bra

38. jumper

39. photo album

40. case for album

41 to 61 recipe cutouts

62 to 70 recipe books

71 to 75 assorted papers

76. old invitation

77. receipts

78. old medical papers

79 to 83 kids clothes

84 to 85 tops

86. desk calendar

87 to 91 fridge magnets

92. kids mobile

93. papers on fridge door



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Sold 5 pairs of DDs shorts for $12.
And found 2 more that can go.

59 to go. I feel like I'm doing it the hard way this month.
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Shirt and another stray newborn diaper to neighbor. The shirt was a baby gift from HER next door neighbor, so it's nice to pass it around.

57 to go.
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94.twist ties

95. bread clips

96 to 98. expired medications

99 to 100 spiderman fork and spoon


Yay all done! joy.gif

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30 hangers to a freecycle recipient

4 jigsaw puzzles to another freecycle recipient

1 borrowed electric breast pump returned to it's owner.


New total 117/100


Ooooo first time I made it to 100 !! Feels good but honestly I haven't made a dent in this chaos, yet.... I will

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Epic fail for me this month.

4 shirts and a pair of pants to Goodwill

Plus cleaned out the car, so I'm calling it as

45 to go for the month, or a total of

55 items out.

I'm carrying around a ba g of baby clothes for a friend, but haven't seen her. Should I give them to someone else?

The good news is that I can make a fresh start of April.

Also did the tax tuff today, so the thelps a lot. Not sure if I can count it as clutter.
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