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Hi :)

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hi everyone, my third baby is due on june 12th and im planning my sort of second unassisted birth.

short story

first born with gas and air, hospital waterbirth blissful birth but i wanted to improve on things when i had my second four years later. our plan was to "just not call the midwife" until afterwards and feign innocence angel.gif well my labour was only 2 hours long anyway, and i was pushing for 20 minutes. we didn't really want to but felt we should probably phone her as we didn't have anything to cut and clamp the cord with, and thats when it all went wrong. my OH phoned to say baby is here but we need you to cut the cord, midwife arrived and immediately decided i had lost too much blood and baby was "making funny noises" therefore must be cold, plus she hadn't brought anything to cut the cord (!!!!). next thing i knew paramedics were here bundling me into the ambulance and rushing me to the hospital i can see from the front of my house (again !!!!!)i could have walked there faster. after the most horrendous treatment i have ever known me and my OH kindly told them if they did not let us out of the ward he will phone the solicitor, someone put a discharge form under my nose and off we went home. they carried on moaning afterwards too but once social services heard the full story and agreed there was no threat to my kids', they soon backed off. turned out the hospital had reported us.

anyway this time round i'm planning to get to about 30 weeks and officially discharge myself from their care, though i'm worried incase they try anything again the last thing i want is to be stressed near to the birth, do you think 8 weeks is long enough to get any legal crap out of the way should it arise? or should i leave it to the last minute to sign the discharge papers?

sorry this is so long winded, but trust me it's still the short version! lol

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If I am understanding correctly, you are getting prenatal care until 30 weeks.  If I were you I would just stop the prenatal care now (unless you feel you need it but usually we don't if we are healthy and listen to our bodies) and just tell them you found another Doctor for whatever reason so you don't even have to worry about any legal crap.  You do not want to chance it that they will take your kids from you because it DOES happen.  It is no bodies business what you plan to do with your birth and delivery.  I am due in July and feel I can totally do unassisted because I am healthy and am doing all I can (reading Natural Birth Books, watching documentaries and unassited birth stories, eating right, taking good vitamins and supplements and herbs as well as acupuncture, chiropractic and massage.  A good book to read if you want to do unassited is Childbirth without Fear and of course Unassited Birth

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I have thrown myself into researching as much as i can, i'm going to train as a midwife after this baby ironically, so i have a passion for birth anyway. Mentally and physically i'm so ready and excited, it's just that i like to avoid confrontation and fuss as much as possible.

Great idea to tell them i switched doctors, things are a little different in the UK with our community MW's, but by pure coincidence i really am about to change doctors so confusing them enough to leave me alone should be easy thumb.gif, I just need one form signed at my next appointment then i will be in the wind.

Will try to keep you all posted x

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Boo irked.gif The social workers are involved and i could really do with a solicitor. Threatening child protection orders and everything, anyone know if it's human rights or family law etc. i'm at a loss and pulling my hair out.

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Not really sure what you mean, but it's not illegal to have a UC.

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They are admitting that it is legal but they have suddenly decided i'm high risk because i had a minor PPH that in my opinion they caused. They are also saying that i'm putting the baby at risk by having him at home, which is rubbish as the stress of hospital would cause far more problems because of my previous birth trauma. Plus baby is perfectly healthy and has been in the perfect position since 26 weeks. So the main reason i need legal help is to make sure they conform to the law, as they are now saying i can't get the newborn checks done unless i go into hospital.

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Wow, gotta love CPS.

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Yeah, lovely people, though i have had a lovely email from the chair of the Association for Improvements in Maternity Services or AIMS and she wants me to phone her joy.gif Wish i'd got in touch straight away, but now is better than never.

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