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Lost a Twin

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I had my first ultrasound yesterday at 7w. The good news is that my baby is doing great, had a nice strong heartbeat at 155 and is measuring 3 days big (just like big brother).

The sad news for me is that there was a 2nd sac but no baby... I'm sure most people would say I'm being ridiculous but this is still a loss for me. I just knew there was two from the beginning. I felt myself ovulate on both sides and then felt implantation in the two distinct spots we found the sacs at. The sac with no babe implanted first about 2 days before the baby that is there and well.

And of course I'm feeling as sick as I would be if I was carrying multiples. I go from so hungry I feel like I could literally die, to being so full and uncomfortable from eating or drinking, to being super nauseous. Hoping my body figures out soon there is just one bean and this eases up.
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I'm so sorry:( A loss is a loss, no matter how far along you are.

I hope you are  able to feel some peace in the coming days - I know the first tri is hard enough as it is.

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I'm so sorry icy02.  hug2.gif  Take good care of yourself. 

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I am sorry. So sad.

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I'm so sorry, Icy02. As springmum said, a loss is a loss. Give yourself some time to grieve and heal. hug2.gif

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Im so sorry.. My oldest was suppose to be a twin.. Yes, shes a blessing and I love her but I still mourned the loss of her twin. Its normal, you still lost a baby. Take it easy.

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I have been doing research on the Internet and there are a lot of instances where an ultrasound was done at 6-7 weeks and no baby was seen.  Then two weeks later (usually before a sched D/C) they miraculously find the baby and heartbeat.  Sooo now I'm holding onto the hope that maybe baby was there... Maybe I'm just crazy but I can't let go.

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So sorry for your loss  hug.gif

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No I do not think you are crazy.  7 weeks is very early - and ultrasounds aren't always going to show you everything.  Perhaps the other baby was not able to be seen yet. 7 weeks is quite early. I don't want to get your hopes up, but i would just be patient and see where you are at after 3 months or so.  I would avoid getting too many ultrasounds though.  Once there is something unusual, they want to give you a gazillion ultrasounds. You don't want to expose the one baby that is definitely there to too many ultrasounds.

I hope that things go your way.

all the best to you!


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Thanks Babinogi- I decided the same thing about the u/s.  If baby #2 is there, he/she will be there at 12 weeks.


My morning (rather all day) sickness has greatly reduced, so I'm not too hopeful right now. Feeling blessed for my 1 healthy bean :) and hoping the worst of the morning sickness is behind me.

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Yes, rejoice in that healthy bean!!!  Good thought!


Nausea comes in waves.  I thought i had it behind me but it kicked up again today.  I find that when I cook, I can't cope with eating as the process of having to smell food cooking makes me gag. It is so much easier to eat when my husband cooks or we go out to eat.  Eating protein helps to keep the nausea at bay.  Have you tried those Preggie Pop candies? They actually surprisingly work! They are natural candies with a sour zing to them.


Good luck icy02!  I really wish you all the best!

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It's quite funny that you would mention the nausea coming in waves because I know sooner wrote that post and then it kicked in full force.

With my last pregnancy protein was the key and the Peggy pops worked awesome! This time carbs and flat gingerale seem good at settling my stomach and I can't handle the pops. It's so weird how each pregnancy is different.

It's also super hard for me to smell food in my house. Totally grosses me out. Surprisingly, the yeasty smell from homemade bread seems to be the worst! I've been eating out a lot too. I'll be glad when this stage passes cause my food budget has totally gone out the window.
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Hi Icy,

I laughed so hard when you mentioned your food budget going out the window! Same here.  I can't bear to cook and my husband has a few choice things he makes good, but sadly they happen to be spicy things that I just couldn't cope with eating - so we've been eating out way too much.


I don't want to see raw meat, raw fish - i only want to see it extremely well cooked on a plate - and even that is sometimes hard to deal with.


Good luck with everything and embrace the nausea!


all the best

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Originally Posted by icy02 View Post

. Surprisingly, the yeasty smell from homemade bread seems to be the worst!

This!  I spend the whole time at our Waldorf Parent-Child class trying not to puke over those usually yummy yeasty rolls.  Oh, the excuses I've had to make to the teachers for why I can't help make them out!  I'm not even trying bread baking again at home till this nausea passes.


Of course then I can turn around and eat huge amounts of nutritional yeast on popcorn no problem.... go figure.

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