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Bought a Swiffer - help me resist the temptation to use the throwaway refills!

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I bought a Swiffer to use for dusting under beds, couches, etc. I imagined I would slightly dampen my current dust cloths, use them with the Swiffer, and then wash them afterwards. 


But then I decided to use the free sample throwaway cloths that came with the Swiffer. And they worked SO WELL! Better than any other dusting system I've tried.


So now I'm tempted to buy a box of those. But I don't really want to use something disposable, and I don't want to waste money.


Any suggestions for reusable Swiffer "cloths" that work really well? Thanks!

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What kind of dusting cloths do you have? Maybe you just need some better reusable ones. I like the microfiber kind myself because they seem to grab stuff better. I wouldn't want to buy the refillable kind.

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our local grocery store has their own brand (they are exactly the same and fit perfect and half the cost) - we justify the use by using them as "swiffers" and when they are used (after several times) we use them as rags (for oily stuff-things I would not wash in my washer- when you MUST clean up really icky/flammable paints, etc)- works for us!

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serenbat, how do you get the "crud" off the swiffer cloth in order to use it for greasy messes? 

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crud- you mean dust?


dust doesn't need to be removed if you wiping up oil-(sewing machine oil they work great) or using as a straight rag for wiping oil based paint on, cleaning a caulk gun, any place where you need wiping on dirty things to begin with


I assume by that the OP wrote she is "dusting", like what I use them for, not the wet pads- these are thin white dusting cloths

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Yes, dust, cat furs, etcetera...  I can imagine I'll be bothered to wipe Thing A with Dusty Cloth B, even if Thing A is already dirty, but I have to start finding a way to cut back on our garbage.  Swiffers and paper towels are two BIG offenders in our house.

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we don't have cat hair and we won't swiffer that so much (vac it up) it greatly cuts down on paper products- I am not anti paper but find lots of way to reuse - we have rags too for certain jobs

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I have a Swiffer just sitting in my closet because I too do not want to buy the disposables for them. I saw somewhere on line - someone with a business through Etsy who has made cloths that can be attached/detached and washed!

If I can remember where/in what context I could post for you taubel? I need to remember because I have been meaning to try it. 

Or maybe posting like that isn't allowed - for someone else's business?? I am new to MDC. Well I could PM if need be.


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Cut up old pantyhose (if you have any) and use it to swiffer the floors. I don't know if it can be reusable though. 

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Ahhhh serenbat, thanks for the help, but I have a feeling the cat furs put me out of the "re-use for greasy messes" Swiffer cloth league.  Their fur seriously coats the cloth after a single use.  They are...  furry.  I do want to cut down on our waste, so maybe I'll also look for the re-usables and then I'll wind up wiping out my washer once in a while with a paper towel and disposing of the cat fur, but that will still be a significant cut in waste. 

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if you are dealing with that much hair - keep a good check on your dryer vent


for me, I would suck it up (even a hand-held that would not use a bag?)  I wouldn't know what else to wash with it to make a full enough load and does your washer catch any hair? I know even when I cut my DH's hair and shake the towel (when we can't do it outside) hair seems to stick on so much in the washer


I don't know how those washable pad are - will you be able to get the hair off of them? does anyone know how good they work??

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We're soooooooo on point with the dryer vent - in a past life, I had the pleasure of administering warranties on, among other things, dryers, and oh boy do you learn all kinds of interesting stuff doing a weird job function like that.  I am officially in charge of our large appliances.  Heehee.  I have this plastic thing-a-ma-bogger that pulls cat hair off of fabric and lets me grab it with my hands (ewewewewewewew!), so once I get it off the floor I can get it with the plastic thingy and then into the trash.  So - the vacuum, I suspect does not work well because we have so much tile.  It pulls the hair out of the carpet OK - I have this huge rig with settings and headlamps and all kinds of bells and whistles and no bag, because I have the cats and I NEED a industrial strength vacuum - but on the tile it just doesn't...  I've never solved this, and with the advent of the Swiffer vacuum sweeper, haven't worried about it, except to wonder how to reduce my use of all those "clothes".  But I am thinking if I get a reusable cloth, I can then run over it with the plastic jobbie, and VOILA! problem solved.  All that fur in the washer would be a big problem.  Ewewewewew.  smile.gif

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Oh please don't spend money on those pads, they are so unnecessary! If you have some microfiber cloths hanging around, you can just fold those around the bottom, and secure tightly with clips or safety pins, whatever is handy. Just make sure the spray nozzle isn't blocked by the cloth. Also make sure it is a really plush microfiber, not one with a thin pile. Only annoyance is it stretches out a bit as it gets wet and I have to retighten it whilst cleaning. I have been meaning to look on Etsy for some; here are some listings: http://www.etsy.com/search/handmade?search_submit=&q=swiffer+microfiber&order=most_relevant&ship_to=US&view_type=gallery. I also saw some wool ones but don't have any experience using those. The microfiber rags I just throw in the wash with a load of towels, extra rinse. 

Also, don't forget you can mickey mouse the bottle to refill it with the cleaning solution of your choice, rather than that noxious concoction it comes with. Just run the end of the bottle under hot water for a minute, then twist open - maybe use some pliers if it is stuck. I refill mine with a splash of Murphy's Oil Soap and hot water <costs about $5/year for my refill solution.


Good luck! Think I will treat myself to one of those Etsy listings with my tax return.   : D

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OP-My dc love to swiffer for me using a washcloth tucked into the holes on the swiffer. I spray with a litter vinegar and off they go. They do a really great job. I have, on occasion, put a microfiber cloth on the swiffers and those work really well even when dry.

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