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Hey everyone...


Sorry Ive been MIA.. lots of stuff going on not related to TTC ( housemate stuff grr)...


I wanted to send hugs to everyone who got BFN. NoRes, Angela, JuneBug ( if i missed anyone i am sorry)


Inv.. I am sorry about the donor.. we too were using a donor that way ( fresh shipped but cooled) but trying to get the goods on time was always an issue for us.. so we decided to go with the bank and it is a lot of money each month... but we know for sure i will have sperm when I need it .. We still have our fresh donor as a back up  ( in case we are broke, or its on a weekend)



AFM.. Still no AF.. she is hiding out.. went for an intense accupuncture on Thursday it was good but intense for sure! Then i got off table and threw my back out.. could not even stand up.. it was horrible.. Luckily  I was at the accupuncture office and she treated me in the waiting room.. then blessed me by not allowing me to pay for any of the treatments! Luckily the treatment worked and really set in how much accupuncture works!!! I wish I could afford to go more often...  I am also on the progesterone and still no AF.... waiting.. waiting...waiting.. I am hopeful to insem at some point in the near future!!



Hi to everyone else!!

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krista, thanks for the sweet words happytears.gif& thanks to everyone else also.  

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wishin&hoping - I also believe in the good luck power of major inconvenience! Let's start planning winter get-aways !!! 

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Allison- I hear you on the Christmas baby. Although if the next cylce works our EDD would be around Dec. 25th. This last one would have been Nov. 23... a Thanksgiving baby :) I thought it would be really lovely to be pregnant with that due date since DWs bday is Nov. 20 and she will be 30... When we first started to plan this she said she really wanted to have a baby before 30. Also I had visions of birthing a baby on DWs bday since my dad and sister share a birthday as do my grandma and great-grandma. Oh well, maybe baby #2 will want to share his/her momma's birthday!! How is it all going  for you and your DP?? She is what 13 DPO now?? Any POAS happening in your house yet?


Carmen- I am sorry you are still spotting. What did your RE have to say about it?


Nos- Thanks for the hugs for AF and now I am sending some right back your way. Good for you for taking your health into your own hands and just going with what feels right for you. I'm glad you enjoyed that bottle of wine (I enjoyed a few drinks this weekend myself) but I am sorry this journey has been so long for you. Like you said to Carmen, you have only done 2 IUIs so far so don't give up hope. This will happen for you. Like Deserts mom says, keep your chin to the sunshine. hug2.gif


Amt- Good for you for having a nice time this weekend. I think it is super important to be able to relax and bend the rules while TTC. 


Invitn- grouphug.gif Dont worry about "tainting this thread with negative energy." IMO, this should be a place where you can come and get support and be able to talk about the things that are going on with TTC. We are here for the good and the bad. I hope you are on your way out of your woe-is-me pit and on your way to a "visionary momma-to-be." 


Junebug-hug2.gif I am so sorry it didn't work out this time. 


Wishin- I don't have any experience with scan but one on day 17 sounds like it would be fine to me given her history. Good Luck


Angela- Sorry about AF showing up.


Krista- I saw in your signature that you are moving to IVF... When is that happening? Good luck to you.


Pokey- Sounds like wonderful timing. Good Luck!


Mrs2- Hopefully all of that poor timing will result in a perfect BFP for you. I also feel bad for December babies and have tossed around the idea of skipping this cycle due to that but I dont think I actually want to do that. After all if our kid does decide to come then, than we can just blame it on them! We can say, well we invited you to come earlier and really wanted you to but you just insisted on being born on/around christmas! Haha.


Cananny- I am sorry about your back being out. I hear you on acupuncture. I love the place I go to and they are beyond affordable. It is a community acupuncturist so she treats several people at a time. There are about 6 chairs in a large circle in this meditation like room and she treats a new patient about every 15 minutes. After the needles are in you stay there for 45-60ish minutes. I tend to fall asleep. I love it. The way she does it allows her to see 4 people in an hour and so she charges a lot less ($15-$35!!) I wonder if they have something like that in your area.

Happy First Day of Spring to all of you!flowersforyou.gif

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One other thing that I forgot to ask about... (TMI ALERT) My period started on Saturday and it hasn't been like a regular period. It has been a lot lighter than normal and has been really dark blood. In fact the blood has been dark brown and not really red at all. It has been more than spotting but not heavy by any means. This is something that is really unusual for me and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this while TTC. Is this normal for other women or is it something that I should talk to my doctor about?


Thanks in advanced for your help!!!


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Sorry for the lack of personals! I finally was sent for another hcg and other blood work today. My hcg is not down to zero yet so that's likely why I'm still having bleeding/clots. Ugh. I'll likely have to fit in an u/s in the next 2 days but I have NO idea when I can make it as I'm crazy busy at work. We leave for Vegas on Sunday. I guess I shouldn't have left this until the last minute. I'm feeling very disappointed with my body. I know it know how to do this but for some reason it's being difficult. *sigh*


I'll be back for personals tomorrow!

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HI! Can you please add my wife and I to the list? My wife and I inseminated this evening at 5pm and we are sooo excited!

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Carmen: Good luck with the u/s. If you decide to take the clomid or another oral drug, your risk of twins will only be 10%, and the chance of triplets will only be something like 0.2%. One in ten is not negligible, but it's nothing to sneeze at. The drugs I'm on give me a 1 in 3 chance of multiples!


Cananny: Are you STILL taking the progesterone? If so, that's probably why there's no AF. You're not supposed to bleed until your progesterone levels drop.


Krista: I saw that you're moving on to IVF. Good luck!


Mrs2: I hope the poor timing works for you. If we had gotten pregnant in January, I would have been due around my DW's brother's wedding -5 hours away in Asheville, NC.


Hopeful: I would mention it. It might not be anything, but since you're ttc, every little thing could be important.


AFM: I'm 9 DPO. AF is due on Sunday; she probably won't show up thanks to the progesterone supplements, and if she doesn't, we've decided to POAS Sunday night. Last night I dreamed that I took an HPT and it turned positive before I even stopped the test, so to speak. So then I dreamed about babies -and woke up crying. Sigh. We want this so bad; we're pouring so much time and money into this, we've put so much else on hold, and I'm desperately afraid it's not going to work.

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cananny - ouch! sounds like a painful dismount from the acupuncturist's table! (though, what a convenient place to be when you need work on your back!)  hope AF shows for you soon!


carmen - sending a  hug2.gif   hope you enjoy your time in vegas and are able to get-away mentally, too.


sotohana - good luck to you! is this your first insem?


rs - i think the dream is a good sign.  i'll have my fingers crossed for you Sunday


mrs - i think the inconvenience of it all bodes well too, those are the cycles that end up working, not the "perfect" ones we anticipate working! sounds like you have two beautiful follicles ready and waiting!


pokey - fingers crossed for you!  loved the story, made me giggle!


angela - crazy news to learn about your donor; though fortunate to have found out now.  i hope your efforts to find another donor are smooth.


well ladies, afu, i have to apologize for my theatrics and pity party yesterday ... this morning (at 7dp5dt) we got a bfp!  i am so, so deeply grateful - we really didn't have the resources for another round of ivf.  i hope ya'll won't mind if i hang out here for a bit longer, i'd like to see each of you get your bfps too!

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Junebug.... Incredibly wonderful news!!!!!  So happy for you!!!







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Yay for Junebug!!!!


This seriously made my morning!

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omg junebug!!! congrats! 

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Congratulations Junebug!  I know you had a lot of hopes pinned on that little embryo and I'm so glad it's working out.  I'm glad my story gave you a giggle.  I'm sure you needed it yesterday.  I hope the rest of your pregnancy is healthy and happy.





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Junebug YAY!!!  That is so exciting!!!  Here's a Pregnant Belly parade for ya!


belly.gifbelly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif

belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif

belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif

belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif

belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif

belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif belly.gif

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 Mrs2 I will OV anytime from Saturday - Tuesday and do 1 insem.

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mtnlisa--Good luck!  I hope your cycle returns to normal soon so you can start trying for the next one soon.


Allison--So sorry about the BFN!  It is hard to keep your hopes up after being unsuccessful.  I understand.  You're sad for a while and then you start looking to the future again.  Your baby is out there somewhere waiting for you.


invitn--I'm so sorry about all the crap you had to go through!  It's stressful enough trying to get pregnant without all the added scheduling issues.  We do not have easy roads to hoe.  I hope you find a great new donor who has super sperm that gets you pregnant right away!  I also understand about your feelings with your sister.  That is tough.  Your babies could still be close together.  Don't give up!


Hopeful--Good luck on your new cycle!  I would ask about that because it could mean something different happened in your last cycle. 


gellybeangrl--Good luck with your u/s.  I hope your embabies are happy and healthy and ready to go!


Angela and Carmen--Good luck with the Clomid if you decide to go that route.  When I first started trying I thought I could do everything naturally but my progesterone was low, and my RE suggested Clomid to help with that.  I didn't feel like I had any time or money to waste on trying to raise it without meds so I tried it.  I'm not sure if it's worked yet, but I didn't have any side effects.  I was worried because of the experiences other people have, but I felt fine.  Angela--I'm sorry about your BFN and your donor, but it's good to know your bank is that conscientious.  I hope you find a great new donor!


nosreves--Sorry about AF!  I hope you enjoyed your well-deserved cry and wine.  I agree with the other folks on here.  It is definitely too early to give up hope!  I hope you enjoy yoga and acupuncture.  I love them.  I haven't been to yoga for a while, and I need to get back into it.  You scooter sounds awesome!  That's a great way to get around in Europe.


wishin'&hopin'--Those follies sound promising!  Good luck to you and DP!


esenbee--I hope you are growing a great follicle/egg that will become your baby as you are waiting to O.


Krista--It looks like you are moving on to IVF next month.  I wish you all the best!


mrsandmrs--All that acupuncture sounds pretty awesome and so relaxing!  Enjoy.  Those follicles sounds fantastic!  Good luck!  I agree with the others.  Maybe what seem like crappy circumstances can be the best.  It does seem like kind of a bummer to have Christmas birthday, but whatchagonnado?


Cananny--I'm sorry AF is still hiding out.  I hope she comes soon so you can move forward.  I'm also sorry about your back.  That sucks so much when that happens, but I'm glad you were able to get the super-helpful and free acupuncture. 


Sotohana--Welcome to you and your wife!  Good luck!  Tell us more about yourselves.


rs11--My fingers are crossed for you!  Sounds like a good dream.  I understand the time and money committment you put into this is so tough but try not to be too hard on yourself.  I have faith that things will work out for you one way or another. 


AFM-- I had a lovely acupuncture session yesterday afternoon, and the midwife came over for the second IUI before bedtime.  She said everything looked great and she is very hopeful for us.  I went to sleep and when I woke up in the middle of the night I didn't feel the ovulation sensation anymore so I'm hoping I ovulated during the night and there was a happy union of egg and swimmer.  My birthday is tomorrow and I go to the chiropractor on Friday.  I'm having a very good week.  I hope it's a lucky one.  I'm sending all my best to all of you out there.

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Junebug!! Awesome news!! Congratulations joy.gif
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Wow, these boards have been active this week! Is everyone else on spring break too?


Junebug: Congratulations! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifI wish you a healthy nine months!


Sotohana: Welcome! I hope your stay here is short and sweet!


AFM: I need some support, I'm afraid. I'm having lots of depression issues. I'm cramping again a bit today, and DW is convinced that means something bad is happening. (She's terrified of another cycle like last month.) I keep telling her that I'm still days away from AF and within the implantation window, so it could definitely be a good thing. I also have mild IBS, and the two types of cramps aren't always easy to tease apart. But anyway, I'm really really down about it today.

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rs11, :hugs I had some TWW depression issues both cycles I got pg! FX that it's for a good reason!
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rs11--We all support you!  That is why we are here.  I'm sorry you are feeling yucky and that it is freaking your DW out.  You don't know till you know.  You can drive yourself crazy second-guessing every little thing that happens.  Take a few deep breaths.  Watch a funny movie.  I like "Blades of Glory."  Distraction can be useful at this point.  Also, just take care of yourself, give yourself a little TLC.  I hope you are feeling better soon. 

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