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Dandy: It's so funny that you asked the question about the looking at sperm under the microscope. My wife has a pocket microscope (magnification is 60x) and wants to look at swimmers when we insem next. Based on your response I'm getting the feeling that 60x isn't going to be enough magnification. Also, I just have to finally say that I love your screenname. Growing up, Dandy was my nickname bc my lil sister who is 2 yrs younger would call me that. Dandy doesn't sound anything like my name which is Sara but I had a doll that I carried around with me which I named Jenny. So possibly my sis got Dandy from Jenny. Anyhooo....your name just gives me warm fuzzies inside...thought you should know.



Thanks, Invitn! That's an awesome story!  I have a large tattoo of a dandelion down my left arm, which is why I picked the name.  I love dandelions! :)


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34 million, 35% motility...TWW!  

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Good luck Lisedea, sotohana, mrsandmrs, wishin'&hopin', rs11, gellybeangrl, and nosreves and anyone I missed in the TWW!   dust.gif


Lots of hugs to Allison.  I'm so sorry it didn't work this time.  I hope the new clinic is helpful. 


Cananny--I'm sorry you're still in limbo.  That would be really annoying.  I hope you know one way or the other soon and you're not too stressed out over this. 


I am very excited to see "The Hunger Games" too!  I thought I would wait a little while until maybe it's not so busy.  I'm reading the book again in preparation.

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Swim Team arrived yesterday.  Got my smiley today, CD 16!  We'll be insem-ing around 2:30 pm tomorrow (24 hours past smiley) while DD is napping.  We decided to go with a kit this cycle with speculum and catheter for a true ICI.  We had been pretty much doing an IVI because of not being able to reach the cervix with our syringe and not being able to tell very well where the syringe was.  CM has seems to be really abundant in the days leading up to LH surge and then tamper off when turning EW by the time OV comes around, so hopefully doing a true ICI will help with that.  We do use a small bit of Pre-Seed.  And I am going to hyrdate myself better.


Temps have been a little jumpy through the follicular phase, which has been frustrating.  Hoping the luteal phase will behave and not drive me bonkers!

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We are hoping and praying for more BFPs for everyone!!praying.gif

Good luck to everyone in the tww and those who are insemming soondust.gif


AFU-Hi Ladies we have been super busy this past week, thank you all soo much for all the support and hope you all gave usgrouphug.gif. Our bfp was confirmed by our doctor on Monday. Our very first prenatal appointment is the 6th of April and that seems soo far away to us, we absolutely cant waitbiggrinbounce.gif.

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Ooh! So exciting Rs! I'll be checking back in tomorrow until I see your post! fingersx.gif for you!

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Sky~ Congratulations on your BFP!  jumpers.gif  broc1.gif  banana.gif  carrot.gif  jumpers.gif


June~ The lupron and follistim shots in the stomach or thigh are not too bad...it's the Delesterone, and the PIO that are killer. I had both of those shots last night...OMG...can they make the needle any larger?!? But if I get a BFP...it will be worth it! Good luck on your beta next Wednesday.


Soto~ Welcome.gifto the thread...hopefully your stay here will be short and sweet. FET stands for frozen egg transfer. I had my first round of IVF back in August 2011. We retrieved 19 follicles, 15 fertilized, and 5 grew to 3 day embryo's. We did a fresh transfer with two...bfn. We are now doing a frozen transfer on Monday...hopefully this is it for us.


Lise~ When will you be having your beta done?!? Baby dust to you...hope that the extra stress calms down soon for you.


Rs11~ So is AF staying at bay?! Are you going to POAS...or are you going in for a beta?


Cananny~ So, did AF show up? If she doesn't this weekend will you be going in for that beta?!? How cool would that be...to get a bfp after all this?!? I understand not getting your hopes up, but that would be so great.


AFM~ I am having a relaxing weekend before my FET. We attened a card party this afternoon with some family friends and we had a suprise cake for DW...she loved it. She is a bit under the weather so we are home early. I will be on bed rest for 24 hours after the tarnsfer...and we will be transfering all three embryos, because of my advanced maternal age...haha, I'm 39, going on 40 in a few months. I am not concerned about multiples. We have been trying for 3 years...I think that I have been on this thread the longest of anyone here...with no BFP. We would love to have 3, 2 or even 1...we'll take whatever we are blessed with.





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Awesome Esenbee! I have good feelings about this for you! ICI will get it so much closer. hippie.giftreehugger.gifdust.gif to you! (I'm having way too much fun with these smiley faces. lol!)

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That's a great attitude! It will happen! 

Isn't that nuts, though, how they call it "advanced maternal age?" My DW is 37 and they say the same thing to her. It makes me so mad. Frickin' fear mongers. Fortunately we do have an amazing supportive alternative medicine system that we can tap into. If we go to the mainstream hospitals they say the same kinds of things like you are hearing. If we go to Alma or log on to the board for Pregnant/Parenting Lesbians of Portland to look for support, our experience is soooooo much better. Just the other day I logged onto the PLOP board to ask for a recommendation for an OB and a Naturopathic Doctor's assistant wrote back to my concerns about DW's age, weight and fibroids by saying that she thought there wasn't any reason why we couldn't even consider a homebirth. I love it! Now, I don't think we will want to do a home birth, but just that kind of support is so nice. We're such treehuggin' hippies up here. lol. It really is the best place to live.



Soto~ Welcome.gifto the thread...hopefully your stay here will be short and sweet. FET stands for frozen egg transfer. I had my first round of IVF back in August 2011. We retrieved 19 follicles, 15 fertilized, and 5 grew to 3 day embryo's. We did a fresh transfer with two...bfn. We are now doing a frozen transfer on Monday...hopefully this is it for us.





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Soto~ Thanks for the kind words. I live in the midwest...some cruncy mama's around but for the most part NOT. I would love a home birth...but I haven't really looked into it or midwives. I am just not wanting to put the cart before the horse...I got to get my BFP first...then worry about the rest.


Good luck to you and your DW!



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esen - if CM is a concern for you, you can take mucinex (the kind that only has the active ingredient in it) to loosen up some extra mucus. 

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Hey ladies. I did the stupidest thing and accidentally deleted my old blog address when I went to change the name.

Good thing is that the blog is still there. You just can't reach it by typing in the old address. 

Now it's the same name as my username on here. www.sotohana.wordpress.com

I promise it will stay this name indefinitely! Be on the lookout for a new blog entry about the name change in the next few days :)


p.s. I totally hear you, Gelly. I was laughing with DW earlier when she was planning our baby shower before we've even gotten our bfp. ha ha!



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Dearest AF..


Under normal circumstances I would really not like to see your ugly head..but this keeping me in limbo is not working for me.. this is day 10 of the UGLY medicine and that is usually all it takes to make you show up. ...I am waiting ever so patiently ... waiting... waiting... more waiting......


To answer everyone.. if she does not show up by monday morning.. I will call the RE and order a blood test. I am not in any way thinking I am pregnant... and if i was.. well lets just say i will probally be in shock for a while...... Pcos is hard on the body sometimes that is for sure...

I have been really good at taking all the meds not missing any doses ( that was a huge problem for me before)


Ok off to cuddle with DP its a rainy weekend..... blech

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Popping in to say... I don't know if there is anyone currently doing IVF, but I have a whole bunch of needles, syringes, and alcohol swabs (unopened and sterile, obviously!) left over from my IVF cycle. If anyone is interested, just PM me and I can tell you exactly what sizes.

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rs - my fingers have been crossed all weekend; hope you'll be back with some good news!


gelly - sending you all manner of good vibes for your FET tomorrow. dust.gif


wishin' & esenbee - wishing you two lots of luck!  hope your twws go by quickly and end happily!


wave.gif to everyone else!!

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This has been the longest day of my life!

There's been no sign of AF, and we're testing as soon as DW gets home from work -which will be another hour or so.

I've got my fingers crossed, and I would cross my toes if I could!

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Did our ICI a little bit ago. Please move us to the 2WW? thanks! Cervix looked more open than when we practiced with the speculum yesterday, so good sign! Hoping for all the fast "Y" spermies to fertilize the egg!!!

As soon as we finished, DSp took off to watch the rest of the UK/Baylor game... So romantic! I stayed a little while with my butt elevated and then went to join him, and watched the game upside down! Yay for Final Four! We are playing our rivals next, University of Louisville, so it will be crazy in this city this whole week...
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Ladies, help! We took an HPT (Clearblue Plus) and got a VERY faint second line. So....what does that mean? Am I pregnant or not? DW has gone to the store to get another test so we can take another later tonight, but I'm trying not to stress out. If I'm pregnant, shouldn't the line be darker at this point?

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Rs11~ How many DPO are you? Typically the testing line gets darker as the level of hcg in the system increases. So if you are 9-10-11DPO it may be early...so the line is faint. From what I understand a line...is a line...which means it's a BFP!


Post a pic so we can see.



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rs11 --- holy cow!!! that's a positive!   i'll save the veggies until you feel more sure, but YAY!!!!!

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