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Did someone say parade?







Congratulations Junebug!

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Lise - I can't believe someone tried to police your feelings! I am so west coast about validating and encouraging all your feelings. It's not like you're being horrible or insulting to pregnant people if you have your own feelings that are complicated by your own family-making. Argh! 


Carmen - Glad you're feeling better. FX for your baby capricorn!


Allison - happy anniversary! darthtunaqueen, huh? that's pretty funny!


Pokey - I'm 9DPO too, we're synced up. How soon are you going to test??


Cananny - are you socially very close to those people? It might be useful to switch your/dp's relationship to a more professional-only relationship until you're feeling better about things. Of course, when you're pregnant soon, it might be nice to have a pg friend so close to your due date, so, you know, take the space you need but don't burn the bridges? Good luck. I would be upset in that situation too.



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Whoops, I forgot to talk about myself. Personal notes distract me so much.


AFM - I'm 9DPO. I had some serious cramping last night (8dpo), which I have never experienced the likes of outside of menstrual cramps. So, as I have said every day for the last five days or so, I'm totally convinced I'm pregnant.


Also, I have the most insane craving for a Mainstream Americanized "Italian" Restaurant which I will not name. We never eat at chain restaurants like that, like, I probably have not been there in eight+ years, but I'm going tonight, dammit. Cravings aren't supposed to start until later in a pregnancy, though, right? So let's blame the breadsticks on HCG. 

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mrsandmrs - Ha ha!  That's hilarious that you are craving that restaurant which shall not be named.  We had lunch there a few years ago when I met my now mother-in-law in Ohio.  I also had not been there for many years.  But recently several of our family members from Ohio have sent us gift cards for that establishment and we were forced to go.  It's in an old school mall far from the city center.  We decided to do some shopping before dinner and when we got there the place was packed!  There were tons of families there.  We clearly underestimated how popular this place is.

The cramps and cravings sound very promising!  I'm convince you are right.  Buon appetito!


I may test on Monday.  I had an HCG shot this cycle so they told me to wait 2 weeks before I can take a test. It's kind of a bummer.  I've never tested before because AF always showed up on time.  We'll see!  When are you going to test?  Maybe April Fool's Day would be a poor choice?

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Junebug, Yay for doubling! I'm so happy for you!


Pokey and mrsandmrs- The suspense is seriously killing me. Since we're taking this cycle off and I have nothing to pee on, I think I'm unhealthily obsessed with other people's pee sticks. Can y'all POAS already??? (Just kidding. I know it's best to wait. I'm just living vicariously.)


Cananny, I'm really sorry. Sometimes life is just so unfair. I don't have any great wisdom, but I'm sending you a virtual hug.


Carmen, I hope the rest of Vegas has been fun. Did DD like the animals? Ocean would have flipped for them.


rs- How are you holding up? I'm thinking of you.


Essenbee- Sounds like you have a great family. My DP did physically transition, but spent several years before that identifying as male but still looking like a butch dyke. None of it has phased our daughter at all, though I will say that it's really weird for me now to be read as a straight couple. I miss being visibly queer, if that makes sense, but my DP is SO MUCH HAPPIER now, so it's hard to begrudge him my lack of queer legibility.


AFM, DP just left for a conference for a week, so I'm home alone with DD this weekend. My mom is coming on Sunday, and I have an insane amount of housecleaning to do tomorrow. This evening DD and I went to the Ace Hardware and had them shorten a mop handle for her so that she can help me with the cleaning tomorrow. She's super excited about it. Also, DD has been telling everyone (teachers at her school, friends, people in the grocery store) that I have a baby in my belly, and setting up beds all over the house for the baby. I was sort of hoping to not reveal to my mom that we're TTC again (she's got some boundary issues, and I don't want her all up in my uterus yet), but it seems inevitable that it will come out with all the baby talk. Oh well...

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pokey -- we knew it was going to be crazy - friday night, near a mall, payday for most people - but my craving does not care about that! I left work early and we got there at 4:55. I really don't think I would have had the patience to wait an hour for a table at such a place. In the 5 minutes we waited for our table, about ten parties that came in. I was so relieved that we got there just in time. Funny side story to this craving - our teenager was so confused. He asked, "We're going to That Restaurant That Shall Not Be Named? Really? Are you pregnant and having cravings?" He does not know we're TTC so I was laughing, like, all hail the clairvoyant! 


re: trigger shot, i had one too. They say two weeks to be safe, but you can test it every day and see it leave your system. For most people, it's actually gone in 8-10 days, some people it tests out as early as 5 or 6 dpo. 


Angela - I have a blood test on Tuesday (13dpo) but I think I'm probably going to POAS maybe... Monday. If not a little before. We'll see how long I can hold out. My wife is going out of town without me on Weds, so we'd like to know one way or another before then! The suspense is killing me, too. 

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Angela - I know what you mean!  That's how I get on here too!  The suspense is too much!  Alas, I will wait.

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Junebug: Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!


Mrs2: I really hope you're pregnant!


Regarding trigger shots, mine says 10 days in the paperwork and that's what the doctor told me as well.


AFM: We're both holding up okay. It just *hurts*. I only cried once yesterday. I called one of my friends who had multiple miscarriages before she finally had her DS and we talked for a while. That helped.


I finally started spotting yesterday evening and heavy bleeding started this morning. Monday will be CD3 so we'll go in to see the RE. What bothers me is that our injectables are mail-order and they won't be here until Tuesday. Do you think it'll be okay to start them on CD4 instead of 3? We'll ask the RE too, but we want to do anything we can to up our odds. This is probably going to be our last try for a while. We may just have to get another script and take it to a local pharmacy.


The blood red tide shatters a mother's dreams/

The old moon drops the new/

Hope and joy both fade/

Pain is all that remains

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Hey everyone.. come on over to April Queer Conceptions.. lets hop to some BFP this month!!!



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