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Advice and opinions please (previous cystic hygroma)

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We found out at a 9 week ultrasound that our baby had a cystic hygroma (a fluid filled sac on the back of its neck)  These are usually caused by heart conditions, or chromosome abnormalities.  I am now 20 weeks and we went for an echo and ultrasound two days ago and everything has resolved. There was no more hygroma. No heart condition was seen and from what they saw in ultrasound they saw no markers for a chromosome problem.  Obviously an ultrasound is not a conclusive tool for that as opposed to cvs or an amnio but we opted out of those because of the risks involved.  So what I want to ask is would you go ahead with a home birth.  My argument is if we never would have gone for that first ultrasound we would have thought there was nothing to worry about and we would have planned for a home birth as normal.   Now my DH is worried and thinks we should go to the hospital (which is 10 minutes from my house)  Please share your thoughts!  I am stuck getting opinions only from people who would never home birth anyway so they think I am crazy to even think about it

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If your ultrasound showed that the problems seem to have resolved, I'd say as long as your midwife is on the same page, go for it. You are completely right when you say that if you had only had the 20 week scan it wouldn't be an issue.

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For me, I guess I would want to know statistics on how often u/s is wrong on these situations. If there is a good chance there could still be heart issues, then I may feel differently.

Would you be more comfortable with an amnio closer to you edd? Say 37 weeks, when the risks are lower? How does your midwife feel about it?

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I am still so unsure.  I haven't been able to see my midwife, only my OB who is also taking care of me.  I do know that the finding was not wrong when it came to the hygroma and they said if there were heart defects of any type it would not be an iminnent danger at birth but something they would want to keep an eye on in the months after birth.  I will be getting another US at 28 weeks when they can see things more and was told yesterday they also need to keep an eye on the placenta and growth of the baby since slow growth and placenta problems are often seen in babies with chromosome abnormalities.  I will just try to talk to my midwife and get more opinions since I find the ob doesn't ask for my opinion or even give me a chance to feel comfortable and ask questions.  I will keep you posted and thanks so much for sharing your opinions!

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