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Had an amnio yesterday

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Hi All,


I'm brand new here and tried looking for a thread about this, I'm sorry if there already is one and I didn't find it! I'm excited to be here and have a place to discuss what's going on with myself and others. I'm home from work today as yesterday I had an amnio and I'm resting for 24 hours. I got a call from my doctor when I was at work yesterday (I'm a teacher) and was surprised to hear that my Down's Syndrome risk has gone up- when I did the 1st Trimester screen I got a somewhat elevated risk for my age (33) of 1 in 205. Based on my 16 week triple screen blood tests my risk went up to 1 in 45. It was all so sudden- my husband and I weren't sure yet if we would get an amnio as we are planning to keep the baby no matter what. But the doctor said they had an opening an hour later for an amnio and my husband and I decided to just go for it so we will be able to prepare (physically and mentally) for our baby's needs, whatever they may be. It was such a whirlwind and fortunately my director was very understanding and got me a sub right away. I was crying as I left, just from surprise, concern and fear over the actual process of the amnio. Thankfully it wasn't very painful and we did get to see the baby moving around in the ultrasound- it looked really cute and found out it's a boy :) Anyways, sorry this is really long winded but just wondering if there is anyone else out there in a similar situation?

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I'm awaiting the results from my second screening (had my ultrasound and blood draw today, so it'll probably be a week) and then I too will have an amnio if it brings my risk up.  I'm glad to hear the procedure went ok and you're resting now.  Hopefully the results are great and quick in coming!  The waiting is so hard.  My friend was given a 1 in 3 chance for T21 and she says she'll never forget the exact place she was standing when they called to say that all was ok...she said she's never felt so nervous as when she saw the caller ID on her phone, you know?

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Yes you are right, the waiting is definitely the most difficult thing! I was told I might get the preliminary FISH results today and I just saw a call from my doctor and my heart started beating like crazy. They were just telling me the results won't be ready until tomorrow :( So now another day to wait!


I can't imagine how hard that must have been for your friend- so scary! I'm glad everything ended up well for her and hope that your results are excellent!

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Hi Molita, and welcome!  


Glad to hear that your procedure wasn't too uncomfortable, and that you're resting up.  I haven't had an amnio myself, but I hope that you're able to get your reassuring results quickly.  I'm 39 and haven't had any feedback back from my 1st/2nd trimester bloodwork - but statistically speaking we're in the same risk category - I never take anything for granted but try to keep the faith that everything will be ok.  Just try hold on until you have concrete information (I know, easier said than done!!).

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Thank you NewMumJoy!  You are right, I need to try to hold on until I hear from the doctor.. I've never felt so impatient in my life! 


Best of luck to you as well - if they didn't comment on your tests yet then probably all is great! :)

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Update- I got my preliminary FISH results today and no down's syndrome, trisomy 13 or 18! A healthy baby boy! We are beyond relieved and overjoyed. We get the full results next Wednesday and it's very unlikely anything will show up there according to the doctor.


Just had to share! :D

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Congrats!  What a relief!!! 

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Great news!


My experience was different in that for some reason (well, I have my suspicions why) my ob did not recommend the 1st trimester screening or bloodwork because of my age. We ended up seeing a perinatologist and genetic counselor (fabulous practice!) because I carry a mutation for cystic fibrosis and they could test dh. Their genetic counselor disagreed with what my ob had told me, but since we were there at week 15, it was too late for the 1st trimester screening. Also, because we were not interested in cvs or amnio, they offered me a very recent test called the MaterniT21, which takes a blood sample from me and can test the baby's dna for the 3 most common trisomies (13, 18, 21). We decided to go ahead with it because we had already decided not to do amnio, but we did want to be prepared in case there was any reason for concern. It is a little costly: you pay 235 (and that's all) and the company accepts whatever your insurance pays or refuses to pay (at least for now). The test is apparently over 99% accurate, with very few false positives and, according to our counselor, no false negatives. We just got our results on Tuesday that dh is clear of any cf mutations and yesterday we heard that there is no evidence of the trisomies. Just another option for ladies considering the amnio but who may have some reservations.

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Hooray for the great news, Molita and Andaluza!!!  

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Glad all was well and congrats to both of you on your little boys. 

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Andaluza, that is great!  I hadnt heard of that. 


Congrats to the healthy babies!!!!

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