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Big Boy Beds

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My son is now 3 and I am officially done with cosleeping. It's been great but let's face it, he needs more room and I need nights of sleep where I'm not being kicked, scratched or climbed all over. Not good for a working mom. 


Anyway, the battle to sleep in his own bed has been neverending. I tell him it's bedtime, he goes and climbs in my bed. He has TWO beds in the house and refuses to get into his own. His dad and I take turns lying in bed with him but it seems like it's for nothing.  I have no problem with him waking up at night and climbing into my bed but i would love to get him to climb into his own at bedtime and stay. 


I turn on soft music, turn out the lights (a nightlight comes on after he's sleep), read a book, give him a light massage and nothing. 


any suggestions on how to end the cosleeping phase?

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What I did when my older daughter stopped co-sleeping, which was at that same age, was to tell her to start to sleep in her bed, and if she woke up at night to crawl into bed with me. And at first she'd only be in her own bed for a couple of hours, but it didn't take long before she got comfortable in there and she'd actually fall asleep and stay asleep in that bed. She kept coming into my room in the morning around 6 to sleep for an extra hour or so for a pretty long time, though, but I bet even that would be a huge improvement for you.


I plan to start this process with my younger one, also now 3, very soon as well!

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I made a huge deal out of it, and allowed my ds to pick out his own sheets, his own pillow, and asked him to help me make his bed. It helps that his bed is in my room though (we live in a 1BR apartment).

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Yes, our DD just recently moved to her own bed.

She picked out the sheets and blanket and pillow. We went shopping for the bed together.

We also got a nice poster that she loves and put it up on the wall.

Like the PP, her bed is in our room. Eventually will be moved to her room. But for now, she starts in her bed and about 2/3 of the nights is there the whole time.

It's nice to have some room.

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I've tried that (his entire room is done in Toy Story) and he still doesn't want to stay. We fell in asleep together in his bed the other night and he ended up in mybed around 3am, which was fine. I guess because he was too tired he didn't bother to fight me about it. I'm considering sleeping on an air mattress in his room until he starts to stay all night. 


On the other hand, my son has NEVER slept through the night (ever!) so I don't know how much help that might be.

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Hi Monique,

I have been there before with my boys, and am getting there again with my little girl, so I can relate! One thing that helped one of my sons was for the bed to be in our bedroom, so he was right there. If you have room and can set up a little bunk for him, that might be a good transition. Good luck!

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