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First crochet projects??

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I just taught myself to crochet a couple weeks ago and I am totally Hooked!.  So far, I've learned the basic stitches as well as a little of the fancy stitches and I feel ready to make something of substance beyond a simple scarf.  So I'm wondering what are some good starter projects that can make use of cheap yarn and also build my skills.  I didn't want to invest in anything nice yet as I feel I need to practice more to refine my skill before I am worthy of more expensive yarn for a nicer project.  I just bought about 6 skeins of Red Heart Super Saver yarn  - any ideas??

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When I first started crocheting I made simple pot holders (you can get rings to attach to a corner so they can be hung on a hook) and wash cloths. A member of my craft group suggested to someone to make hostess gifts with crocheted (or knit) washcloths and a couple scented bars of soap. I thought that was a cute idea. You could also make a throw blanket for the couch.

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Thanks for the ideas.  A stack of washcloths is a great idea?  Do you need special material for that or will acrylic work?  


I saw this granny bunting and am going to try it out as a decoration for my living room.  So far I've done two triangles.  When I've got them all done, I'll add fringe and connect them to hang in my living room.  


I want to make a throw blanket  but I'm waiting until I'm confident enough to invest in some nicer yarn so its super soft and cozy.


Other ideas are welcome.  Any other new crocheter's out there?

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For washcloths you will want to use cotton yarn which can be purchased pretty inexpensively at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's, etc. I love making washcloths as I have been crocheting long enough that I don't have to watch my hands & can generally finish one in about an hour! So satisfying to have a finished project so quick!
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Me, me! I am a new crocheter! DH says I am obsessed. I'm finding it therapeutic. I just wish DD would sleep longer so I can practice more. And by practice I mean just jump head first into projects, and if it turns out not so perfect, oh well. orngbiggrin.gif I have made DD a hat with a really cute pouf on it (she gets tons of compliments!) and a poncho for her as well. Next I am going to attempt this pattern for my 3YO:




She's been pretending to get married lately, so I think I might attach some tulle to it so she can have a veil! I was going to crochet a veil, but I can't find any patterns, and there is no way I am attempting my own yet.


OP, I am spending lots of time on ravelry. Have you joined?

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You should check out ravelry.com for some inspiration and lots of free patterns.  It's primarily a knitting community, but they've also got tons of crocheters...

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i just picked it up recently too and have stuck to making ears for my loomed hats, throw blankets & a few hats. 

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I can't stress enough how awesome Ravelry is! You can choose crochet, easy, the kind of yarn you have, whether or not you want a free pattern, and more! I just crocheted a Tardis tree decoration. I still have to put the windows on it, or I'd show you pics, but it was super easy to crochet and if you're a Doctor Who fan, then it might be fun. http://pixelatedmushroom.blogspot.com/2009/12/tardis-for-your-christmas-tree.html

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I likewise love Ravelry.  Love, love, love it.  It's not just a great source for patterns, it's also incredibly helpful if you get stuck on something.  I can't tell you how much I learned in the forums there.  Aaaaaaand you can peruse other people's projects and be inspired to learn something beyond your current skills, or within the realm of your current skills.  :) 

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when I was starting I did several square blocks with different stiches (you can get patterns or just go online and find different stiche) then I did them so they were all the same size and stiched them together into an afghan. It isn't pretty but it is one of my favorite projects because i can see myself get better in the final projec.
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A learning - knitting tip that could be easily adapted to crocheting -


I bought about 2 pounds (that is a LOT!!) of cotton yarn, all one color. I knit about 15 dishcloths, 4 potholders, and 8 dishtowels, each in a different stitch. I learned and practiced many stitches and ended up with a huge, useful stash of pretty kitchen stuff, all matching. Just a suggestion for getting lots of practice, and having something to show for it.

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