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Jaw pain with Sinus Infection?

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I am back where I was this fall at just 6 or so weeks pregnant, with another nasty cold followed by some terrible sinus issues.  I had a cold for a week and then the sinus stuff started, so it has been 2 weeks now...at this point last time I started a Zpack after trying to avoid it and avoid it, because I was starting to feel feverish and really strange and my midwife said it was probably time.  I got better within a week.


This time, intense jaw pain started a few days ago...it is only in the morning (all morning, not right upon waking but about 30 min later, subsides early afternoon, and is then gone at night...so weird).   I happened to be at the dentist yesterday to fill a bunch of cavities (more fun), and he did not think this was tooth related.  The timing makes it seem like sinus pressure on my roots would make sense, but man does it feel like root canal pain I have had in the past - just really intense, rather debilitating pain radiating up my jaw. 


So, trying to figure out what to do...I was using the Neti Pot religiously and was having a lot of success...and here's another doozy - but then I started getting a bloody nose out of one side when I used it!  It was a little scary...I have no idea what is going on, but I feel like I have failed to fight off another sinus infection.  :  (  Waahhh.  I DO NOT WANT TO TAKE MEDICINE!  But I also don't want to risk a bad sinus infection that could be harmful to the baby.  Anyone have advice or experience with any of this craziness?  I can't believe I am here again at 23 weeks.  Just want to do the safest thing for baby, and of course need to be able to function for the rest of my family as well...wish I had a crystal ball to know the exact cause of the pain.  Thanks in advance for ANY insight as I wait to hear back from my midwife! 

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I don't know if this will be helpful, but I've had sinus/cold issues that have effected my ear and made my jaw ache terribly. My AHP recommended alternating hot and cold for 15-20 minutes. I.e. steaming hot water--as hot as you can stand, soaked in a wash cloth, compress on area for as long as it stays hot, then apply ice cold water, and so on. This is supposed to bring circulation to the area, which can bring alot of relief. Not sure if would work for your problem but it is worth a try.

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Thanks, Sra Playas...still struggling with the jaw pain...went to ENT today and she thinks I have TMJ that is separate from the sinus stuff going on...seems a bit odd, but also makes sense since it only last for 4 hrs each morning...like clockwork!  Strange.  Sounds like my only hope is hot and cold compresses.  It will be interesting trying to find the time to do that!  Thanks again!

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Yes, I totally get the time thing.


I have a condition like TMJ that is a malformation of the jaw and it makes the nerves of the ear/jaw/and back molars closer together than normal. So if I have a sinus infection, it can effect my ears as well and make me feel like a have a bad toothache. It is crazy.


So I can see how TMJ could do this to you knowing how the sinuses are more sensitive during pregnancy.


Hope that makes sense and hope that you find the time to do the compresses. :)

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Thanks!  Went to endodontist today (pain is getting absolutely unbearable...can't function from 8:00am-12:30pm, then it is gone), and it could potentially be a root canal that I am looking at...just my luck.  I didn't pass all root canal tests, so he is giving me the weekend (awesome) and then we decide on Monday.  Very frustrating, b/c they don't see anything on the xray.  :  (

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