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My Handmade Birth & Breastfeeding doll- Check her out! **PICS!! **

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Hello ladies. I posted awhile back with a link to the mamamordolls website. They also make birth and breastfeeding dolls that wear their babies in slings and such. I fell in love with them from the moment that I laid eyes on them. I was inspired-but I had NEVER made a cloth doll from scratch, much less one with so much detail & function. But I figured since I was good at just about every other from of art from painting to sculpting and everything in between, it was worth a shot.


So, I cleaned out my closet and found an old flesh colored shirt that I didnt wear any more as well as a few others made of pretty fabrics. I made another visit to the mamamor website to take another gander at their beautiful dolls and get a good grasp of what I was aiming for. I didnt want my doll to be an exact copy of their dolls because wheres the fun in that?


Here are the photos of the doll that I made, which DD and I lovingly named Lily.


I made her hair from a mixture of different yarns and stiched them in, one strand at a time. She still isnt 100% finished as I am making her a flower clip for her hair, a necklace, her clothing isnt finished, she will have a sling, the baby will have a placenta and she also needs shoes. The baby will also have a tiny cloth diaper.


I sewed a little pouch for her belly so that she looks pregnant  when the baby is inside and her belly returns to its normal size when the baby is 'born'.


Lily's facial details have also been hand stiched. I also added a few freckels.


I used little metal button clips for her 'nippels' as well as adding areolas. The babys mouth clips to mamas breast with the opposite end of the little metal clip. I wanted her stiching to be external- i think it makes her look more..ragdoll-ish and charming. I free handed the pattern for her body and babys body as well as arms and legs. No sewing machine was used at all- she is 100% hand made and stiched.  Im very proud of her- not bad for a first timer eh?


I will post more pics when she and baby are 100% finished and complete with sling and other goodies listed above.










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Wow!  That's amazing.  I remember your first post and remember thinking to myself that I just don't have the skills to make something like that so I'm just uber, uber impressed at you and your initiative!

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Thanks so much for the positive feed back! I plan on working more on her clothing tonight when the kids are in bed. Hopefully I will have her dress completed and maybe even her sling as well. So you can bet that theyll be more pictures coming soon. Thanks again, Mama for you feed back. It means alot to hear it. joy.gif

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Wow, that's amazing. I would love to see more pics when she is finished. Not sure if it is my computer or not but some of them are quite blurry and I couldn't see a lot of the detail greensad.gif

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That is awesome!  Wow!  You did an amazing job :)

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Thank you so much!  I will be adding more pictures of her and baby soon for sure. No, its not your computer..it is my digital camera. Between the children and myself it has been dropped many times, not to mention it is old. Its seen better days. Maybe the next batch of photos will turn out a little better..or maybe when DH finds a job I will be able to get myself a new camera and post pictures of all of my art work and everyone will get to see all of the little details. These pictures just dont do her full justice, thats for sure.


Sorry for the poor quality but thanks a million for the positive feed back!

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Thanks Mama! I have tons of other birth art as well including paintings, drawings and clay sculptures- some of which are fairy mamas. heartbeat.gif

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that is really cool! amazing job- can't wait to see more pics.
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