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Celexa and me

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My baby is 15 days old and last night was my first time taking Celexa. I was prescribed the medicine a week ago, but have not taken it due to fear of how it will impact my child. The pharmacist says it can cause birth defect, but my doc says it is perfectly safe for me and baby. After I took the medicine, I felt sick, but I dont know if it was my nerves, because all I could think about is if I am hurting my baby.

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How will you feel if you don't take the medication? How much do you need the medication? What kind of impact on your emotions will not taking the medication have on your child. I have been on celexa from shortly after birth and I was on it before I was pregnant and was able to go off successfully while pregnant without any episodes. I had a traumatic birth and also had my newborn in the PICU so I really needed the medication to function as the type of mom I needed to be. In addition to the meds I eat well and have a promise with my husband to exercise regularly in order to keep from needing to up my dosage. Talk to an LLL leader or a lactation consultant and have them go over the half-life info, research information and have them talk the pros and cons with you. My LC, primary phys and I made the decision together. Sorry if this doesn't make sense all the way- I am on pain meds from surgery...

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