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When do they care?

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So. I have a HUGE list of things I'm very eager to show Charlie - the beach, the forests, parades, museums, zoos... when will he care?

I was figuring we'd wait until he's talking, walking and able to notice when things are different. Currently he's the same excited about new places and you know, the cat walking by for the 300th time. Well, the cat probably wins that, but he likes new people at least!

There's an awesome local cider mill that has animals and you walk around for free seeing goats, pigs, cows, all sorts of birds and their babies. That's my test for the zoo, at any rate. Do you care...? No? Then NO ZOO, BWAHAHAHA.

When did your babies start to care?

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Theyre free!  take them anyway!

A lot of it they just enjoy in the moment.  They get something out of it and you get practice taking them places before they can run away from you.

we are taking the kids to WDW in may, and at 9 mo, finn wont remm=ember it but he'll love the lights and all the stuff to see.  And he'll look so cute in pictures.

At 18 mo we went to PR with DD.  She had a blast at the time, loved so many things, was walking/talking, etc...but doesnt remember much of the trip.  If you wait for that ... you might miss out on a lot of good times.


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they're free but we aren't! will do, though. when it gets a bit warmer. they're improving our zoo so i'm excited to see the changes :-)


thank you! i've never been to disney.

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