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Glad you bought

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Before birthing, we had thread after thread of the "What on earth should I buy?!" sort. Now I'm curious - what did you use the most? What are you the happiest to have? What did you get and then never use?


Favorites for us:

Long sleeved onsies - I like putting a tshirt over them and then he's warm and happy.

receiving blankets - especially the Aiden and Anise (or whatever) ones! That was pretty much what he wore for the first months until it got chilly. I still use them for napping.

Soft Bums diapers - the only diapers we have now. Totally awesome. For nights we have microfiber inserts, for days he gets organic bamboo. He doesn't leak at night, even with just the one insert. (You have to figure it out and tug the crotch up, otherwise it gapes at the belly and you get peeeeeeeed on.

My high chair that sits on chairs. That thing is great! We've even taken it to a restaurant!

Our Sunshine Kids car seat. One carseat. Done.


We were given a co-sleeper, but the thing was too high for our bed and he was always attached to one of us. It got used a bit for putting him down for naps.. but that happened very rarely. Mostly it was used for storing blankets.

We have a stroller and we do use it.. but it already is too small. It's a Chico Keyfit system. He's six months old and the back is too narrow for his shoulders. Ridiculous.

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Things I have used a ton:

the Boba wrap and Boba 3G (I use the wrap mostly at home and the 3G out and about)

the Boppy (for tummy time, nursing, now using it for sitting up practice)

the bouncy seat (yay this is how I manage to bathe)


Not so much:

The cosleeper. Used it for the first 4 days. Now it holds the snot sucker and the boppy at night and frequently is a bad cat nap spot.

The sling. I could never really get the hang of it, and it always hurt me a lot, and all the instructions I got just said I must be doing it wrong and I gave up!

The stroller. Used it for like the first two weeks and then I just ended up always babywearing.

The crib - again with a bad cat nap spot and occasionally she takes a nap there

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Oh! And MyBreastFriend. It was useful for hardly any time at all. For night nursing until I discovered side-lying. It doesn't fit in my chair and the velcro scratched my belly. And it's not even good for the baby to play with like a boppy.

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  • Ditto on just having 1 car seat. Plus since River was 10lbs, he fit fine in the convertible seat from the beginning.
  • Onsies rather that T shirts. I thought I'd hate onsies, but I really have loved them. I hate when he's wearing a tshirt and it rides up to his armpits while we're nursing. Now that he's getting bigger and less floppy, I am liking the shirts better. I just bought some onesie extenders from etsy and now he can still wear a ton of stuff I thought he grew out of. I also thought I'd love for him to be in a diaper only, but when it was SO hot this summer, he and I would just stick to each other, so it was nice to have a lightweight onesie on him.
  • footie PJs. He hates blankets and it gets surprisingly cold at night here.
  • ALL my carriers! Ring sling, mei tie and Ergo. But I do wish I got a Boba instead of an ergo. And I wish I got a different brand of ring sling... I don't like the maya wrap brand too much
  • The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding book and Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter
  • Hygeia Enjoye double electric pump and hands free pumping bra


Bought but didn't need:

  • boppy and my brest friend. I couldn't figure out how to make these work, even though I desperately wanted to!
  • crib: we have it side-carred and that works ok for us, but honestly it would probably just be better to put the bed on the floor.


Wish I had or wish I had gotten earlier:

  • better camera (we're getting one soon! )
  • I would have loved a Moby for the first couple months, but it was just too hot here. So, if it was cooler, I would have gotten one.
  • I would love to have a jogging stroller, but can't afford it.



We didn't start out with that much stuff and I'm glad we still don't have much.

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What I am glad we got:

1. Avent double electric breast pump. While I don't use it a whole lot it has been very useful when Seth sleeps longer and I get engorged, like last night.

2. Muslin Swaddles, I keep one in the diaper bag at all times. They are still useful for nursing at church and for taking anywhere so I can let Seth play on the floor if I need to. I also found them great for nursing in the car, as I hang it over the sun visor to keep the sun out of Seth's face and to give us a bit of extra privacy.


What we got and don't use:

1. Ergo. It is too wide for my narrow back & shoulders so it always feels like it is about to fall off. I've used it twice in 6 months and now it stays on the floor of the car unused. I still prefer my home made moby style wrap for baby wearing, although I would love to try a woven wrap so I could back carry.


Everything else was already here from DS1.


I only use the nursing pillow for the first couple of months, and I do love the MyBrestFriend one for that. Becky mine came with velcro, but I bought a new cover with a clip for using with Seth and it was much easier when he fell asleep nursing.


We haven't used the bumbo this time as Seth didn't really like it at first, and once he got more body control his chubby thighs don't fit.


We are pretty minimalist and most of what we do have were already handed down from friends, so we knew they'd be useful. I do think next time I might get a boppy pillow to encourage more floor time, but I think we're pretty good to go now, although I have been reading rave reviews about the Boba, so I might have to see about getting one of them. DH might make me sell the Ergo first.

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I hope you guys are going to sell these things you havent used!!  Cosleepers, breast friends and ergos are great 2nd hand finds!!!




cosleeper - didnt use it the 1st 3 mo, but now its critical!!

boba carrier


swaddlers!!!  Big man slept sound as could be in them for 5.5 mo.


wubbanub paci



didnt use:

nb/sm dipes, nb clothes...3 mo clothes.  I shouldnt have bothered.

EMAB bottom balm (for baby)  stuff didnt work and was $$$

Grovia magic stick (same)

nb sized $$ hats off etsy



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My carriers (sleepy wrap and mei tai). Wish I would have had a lighter wrap for the NB stage. We are using them a little less now to do the accident, but i still love wearing her, it's been so convienent
Stroller- didn't get much use the first 6 months other than as a bag holder when we would go shopping, but now that we are living on post and walk everywhere (at least 3 miles a day), it really comes in handy and Magnolia loves riding in it. We will hopefully be investing in a better one soon because I don't know how long the Graco is going to hold up with that kind of use

Rock N play sleeper - for the first few months I was hesitant to cosleep with her in the bed and she liked to sleep at an incline or in my arms so it helped out a ton

Velcro swaddlers

Could have done without-
Arms reach cosleepr- she decided after a week and a half she hated it

Aden and Anis muslin swaddlers- one of the only things we bought new because we'd heard how great they were. We have barely used them.
Blankets in general- The top shelf of her closet is full of them (I'm weird about blankets, I seem to amass a ton of them for myself as well- and we live in the south so it's not like we get cold much), but other than a blanket we take along in the stroller and one we use on the floor, we just don't use them.
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One of DH's childhood best friends and his wife have just announced that they are expecting their first baby on Seth's 1st birthday (Sept 7) so I think we will see if they want any of the baby things we don't need any more. I know we were very blessed to be given so much stuff for free with our first, so it only seems right to me to pass things on rather than sell them. I know they are planning to cloth diaper, and I'm going to find out if they plan to baby wear. They are both bigger built than DH & I so the Ergo would work better for them that it has for us. Then if we do manage to have another baby I might be able to convince DH that a Boba would work better for us, especially as it would be about the only thing we would need to buy other than more nursing bras.

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Good idea Lyn! That's another one for me - nursing bras. I have one. I only wear a bra when I'm out and not always then - they hurt! I want nothing even vaguely restrictive. So I have crappy "sports" bras that work better. I always just yank the think over my boob, anyway, so the fancy fastening is wasted on me most of the time. Probably because I only have the one. :)

Interesting that the blankets didn't work for you, Stormy! I used them most during hot times - he'd be naked and I used the blanket to stop us from sweating into One Being. :)

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Becky I'm sooooo jealous that you can get away without nursing bras. There is no way I could go without, mine are too big and heavy and hurt after just half an hour if I leave them to breathe. I've just had to order a couple more because the ones I have are now too small on the boob. They did fit great for the first 4 months or so, but I've now had to go up another 2 cup sizes and down a back size. I'm back to a 34 but the cup is now a J. I am so getting a boob job when I'm done nursing children.

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Lyn - Yikes! I'm somewhere around a 42DDD. Which, some places is an F, I think? I get confused. But a J? Good heavens. They do amazing things with reductions these days and I think they're a wonderful thing!

I knew someone who wore an old fashioned lace up bodice type thing instead of a bra - then the support comes from your torso, not dragging on your neck. I've always thought that was a great idea. I couldn't do it, I would be too hot. And so would you, with Florida, but it's a good plan :)

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Most of our stuff was given to us so if we didn't use it, it wasn't a total waste.


What I loved/used the most


wraps and carriers:  bali breeze woven, it was nice for the early days, mei tai, ergo.  We have a storch that doesn't get used that much. 

Long sleeve onsies now that it's cold.  I too love putting them under a T-shirt.  Makes me feel like I have so many more option.

Cloth diapes & wipes:  We use mostly pre-folds but are getting into the fitteds now that he's getting bigger.  I might consider converting to AIO to make things a little simpler. 

Ameda Truly yours double breast pump.  Finally got one at the 6 mo mark and it's so much nicer than having to hand express.  Should have done it sooner.

Portable "high chair" booster seat.  Got it as a shower gift and the thing is awesome.  It folds up and stays small.  We bring it to restaurants too and it's so handy.

Baby legs and Rock a thigh baby socks:  These things are the best for when we are just hanging out at home.  Heck if we go out I just throw a pair of shorts on him because they are so cute.



Could live without

Baby bath tub (it was a hand me down from SIL)  We used it once.  He showers with us most of the time.  Now that he can sit we put him in the kitchen sink too

Crib:  rarely gets used.  He barely naps in it.  Might come in handy once he's more mobile.  It's a convertible so we can use it as a bed when he's ready.

Stroller:  used it once to go shopping so I could try on clothes.  I wear him every other time.  We didn't pay hardly anything for it so not a total waste.

Baby gadgets in general:  We were given those iddy bitty spoons, a pacifier, "main stream" feeding tools- we BLW so he just uses his hands,

Blankets:  we use a few but have more than any one family needs for sure.  We were given some beautiful quilts we are going to hang on the walls but most don't get used.

Useless information: but we all know how that goes.

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