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Hi! Help! I'm goign crazy with itching! I am looking for some advice/experience regarding what I thought was very aggressive yeast infection.


Back six months ago I was diagnosed with a yeast infection on one of my nipples (nursing an 18 month old at the time). After a few weeks of trial and error, my doc prescribed something similar to Newman's APNC. That seemed to clear up my problem! Two weeks later it came back. Then, I got pregnant and decided I really wanted to kick this thing so I didn't have to keep medicating while pregnant (miscarried a month ago). So, even though DS had no symptoms (and was treated with me the first go round) two months ago I stopped nursing my DS on that side, re-treated with the nipple cream for two weeks, bleached and then vinegar rinsed all clothes/towels/bras, probiotics, low/no sugar diet and it seemed to be better. Well, the symptoms just started coming back.


I'm trying to decide if its really a yeast infection at this point. The only symptom I ever had was terrible itching and dry/cracked nipple (right now just itch). I am still do not nurse on that side. Also, this may just be a side effect of single side nursing, but when I was inspecting it today I started leaking very yellow milk. My other side has perfectly white milk. Could it be infected from nursing one side? Could it just be dry skin like my knees and elbows are right now? I don't know what to do and my doc is just clueless (military - I can't request a new doc). Any help is appreciated!