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Feed the Baby! - What are you craving?

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I though this would be a fun thread. 


What are you currently craving?



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Today, NOTHING!! nut.gif


Yesterday and for like a week before that, apples and almond butter! eat.gif


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fish from the german store..pickled fish...yum. it's way overpriced but totally worth it. i cant wait to be in germany next week. i will be eating fish all week smile.gif.
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Originally Posted by MissE View Post

fish from the german store..pickled fish...yum. it's way overpriced but totally worth it. i cant wait to be in germany next week. i will be eating fish all week :).

Did you get the passport debacle all sorted out??  :)


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Lots of sauerkraut and I've been really wanting jello, but haven't given in quite yet... eat.gif

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I have a love hate relationship with peanutbutter right now. One minute I'm craving it, and the next the smell makes me gag. Other than that the only thing I'm craving are fresh berries. Not the easiest (or cheapest!) thing to find in the middle of winter!

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Don't get me started!  My nausea is totally controlled by eating constantly so that's what I'm doing!  Its great!  Every pregnancy the main craving is the same:  cheese and tomato in any and every combination.  I'm making pizza grain-free pizza bases in the dehydrator and we're absolutely feasting on them.  I've even started eating pasta again because I can drown it in tomato and cheese and it really hits the spot, and its totally piling onto my hips, too.


I keep asking DH (he's the cook around here) for prawns, mussels in garlic, anchovies, sardines, bacon.  Unfortunately he's so picky about the source of our food that I don't get nearly enough of those yummy things.  Ah pickled fish sounds great!  And what about sauerkraut, its divine!   Fruit doesn't do my nausea any good so staying away from that a bit.  And sadly carbs are great for my nausea so eating more than I usually do.  But still trying to eat heaps of veggies and protein.


Just met a woman today whose husband hunts deer and she's going to organize us some venison, can't wait.


So yeah having a blast with food here!

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i will travel with my almost expired passport and just hope for the best. i did apply for a new passport but it wont be ready in time.
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Today, lemonade. I had the best fresh-squeezed lemonade on Sunday and was dying to have it again, but the place is 45 minutes away. I ended up having to make do with Minute Made, which is so not the same.. but "lemony"?


I didn't have any cravings at all for the longest time, but last week my body started yelling for meat, meat, MEAT--which I am all too happy to indulge now that I can stomach it again. Yes! 

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For me its been Bacon.  Anyway that I can get it, on a salad, on a burger, with eggs, YUM. I also have been on a Girl Scout cookie binge.  I also have had fast food the last two days.  GROSS GROSS GROSS.

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Oh Hyde, that sounds so good! Now I'm going to have to make Lemonade!

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Shirley Temples! I have eaten out like 4 times in the past two weeks just to get a really yummy one at a restaurant. LOL  It must be the citrus... Lemonade does sound amazing, too.

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Cravings? that's being able to eat something without being completely disgusted by the thought of it, right? ;). While my vomiting misery is decreasing (I'm only throwing up once-twice a day now) I'm still not that excited about food, which is unfortunate, because near-constant eating seems to really help. If I wait too long for dinner, My stomach is a horrible knot the whole night. When I'm throwing up, knekkebrød (crisp bread?) helps me to stop. I eat a banana first thing every day because that's the least horrible thing to throw up in the morning. Last night, the baby decided it didn't want to take its vitamins, so I threw up a few minutes after taking them. I tried to tell the baby that as long as it is inside me, I decide if it takes its vitamins, but the talk didn't seem to have much effect. I can almost always eat peanut butter on a rice cake. I guess right now for me, "craving" is "what will my body tolerate". 

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Lemonade was my craving of choice for my first pregnancy.  I would have one almost everyday.  Even went to get one while in active labor...A contraction hit just as I was getting the credit card slip to sign... I'd like to see that signature again.  lol.  It was a mess!biggrinbounce.gif

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Not really craving one particular item but I just want to eat sweet stuff and carby stuff. Right now I can't stand to look at veggies. :(

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I am having severe nausea however I do have cravings- grapefruit juice- I drink almost half a gallon every two days- lemons with salt, carrots with mayonnaise and apples.  I notice these cravings because they are very different form my "normal" cravings and diet.  I never really drink juice- eat apples or lemons.  We have a lemon tree so I just eat them form the tree- then try to remember to brush my teeth after- good thing I am going in for a cleaning in a few weeks.  I also eat a banana every morning which is weird for me because  normally I don't eat fruit from so far away, but it something I can eat so ethics fly right out the window.

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My cravings have been so hilarious I've been keeping track of them in my baby journal:

-Dr. Pepper, especially Dublin Dr. Pepper (southern gals will know what I'm talking about): I have only indulged this craving once, one of the tiny 10oz bottles over ice, eaten of course with a heaping Texas lunch of potato salad, cole slaw, and banana pudding, and it was heavenly.

-BBQ Sauce: I am a vegetarian and originally thought I was craving ribs (ew), which I refused to try.  Then, I purchased some Quorn chick'n cutlets, smothered two of them with organic BBQ sauce and topped with swiss cheese and thought I would die of happiness.  Last night's dinner was a double veggie cheese burger smothered in BBQ sauce.  On a sandwich thin with veggie slices and fruit to be somewhat healthy.

-Tuna salad: this craving I have indulged a couple of times.  Fresh, dolphin-safe, chunk light tuna salad from Whole Foods.  Heaped up on a toasted bagel with pickle slices.  Nom.

-Mac and cheese: I try not to indulge this craving often, but it is the best ever.

-Donuts: I have yet to indulge this craving.

-I had a dream about a Mexican food buffet and woke up in a pool of drool.  Unfortunately Mexican food is a bit rich for my tummy right now.

-Breakfast tacos: I make them at home with whole grain tortillas, low-fat sharp cheddar, fried scratch-made seitan strips, and egg.

-Fresh Fruit: especially pineapple, kiwis, plums, grapes, and strawberries.  Today's lunch, in fact, was pineapple, kiwis, and strawberries with nuts and low fat organic cottage cheese.  I was craving pineapple so much I ran to the grocery store in the middle of the work day to pick up my provisions.

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Tonight I made DH go to the store to get me steak fries so I could make cheese fries. Mmm so delicious.

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I really, really, really want a great big hamburger. Nothing else sounds remotely good. I'm having trouble eating anything. DH offered to make one, but I said no, I want it from a restaurant with steak fries! eat.gif

If you run out of Girl Scout cookies, Crys, LMK, I can keep your baby fed from now until September. We have tons. eyesroll.gif
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Chicken noodle soup and peaches.  Nectarines, whatever. Kiwi too.  I love fruit :)

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