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Bigfoot- any good shoe recommendations?

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My feet are gigantic and sore.  I want to get a new pair of shoes but don't know what to get.  Anybody LOVE their shoes?  I have been walking in a pair of Keen boots with insoles but for some reason one boot isn't fitting anymore.  For comfort I have Blundstones, New Balance sneakers, and Danskos.  The Danskos aren't great for long walks.  I will try new insoles in the Blundstones but they are super worn out and my feet are HUGE.  

I have one fallen arch so I have to have good support.  I also would like slip ons because of my huge belly and I'd like to use the shoes for walking with the baby.  

Help!  Birkenstock shoes?  Other Keens?  Or?

p.s. I hate shoes and would rather be barefoot.  -thecountrymouse

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I have a pair of Dr scholls sandals and I love them. My feet aren't particularly big but my heels get very sore and they never hurt in those sandals. 

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I do go barefoot.  Or I wear my VFFs.  My feet aren't swollen, however, and I can't imagine wearing my VFFs if they were.  


What about some basic Softstar moccasin/booty style shoes?  If you prefer to be minimalist, go that direction.  If you think the relaxin will make your foot problems worse, that might not work for you, but I still find barefoot to be the best for me.


You might also like some of the more orthopoedic Crocs.  

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i tend to wear mens shoes. i have a pair of mens merril hikers that are comfy, and crocs are always a safe bet. i also have a pair of doc marten tall boots which took a while to break in but are good now. i also go barefoot in the summer :).

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Ive been wearing Ugg loafers.  they slip on easy and are very comfy.  i did have to size up though

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I just got some more Sanitas (like Danskos) because anything else is making my feet hurt lately. How about Fitflops, I love those too and I think they have wintery styles lilke clogs and boots.

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I just ordered two pairs of crocs (the slim maryjane style and another slim slip on style) and a pair of birkenstock shoes from Zappos.  Hoping that at least one pair out of those three works.  I like to be barefoot but I have a fallen arch and the hip on the side with the fallen arch has fallen down (don't know the technical term for that).  Just feel like I should wear shoes.  

I have a pair of Sanitas but the arch isn't hitting in the right place.

I'll repost if the shoes work out.  I know so many of us are getting uncomfortable right now so it's good to know what works.  


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I can't wait for flip flop season to start!  Putting on socks is a pain! Although, so is keeping my feet looking remotely undisgusting.

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I really love my Toms right now.  They seem like they wouldn't have any support by the look of them, but they actually have a pretty decent arch support and are really comfortable (especially once they've broken in a bit). 

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