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Nursing Mama's TTC- March

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The Plan for March


pos.gifstork-boy.gifbelly.gifdust.gif   pos.gifstork-girl.gifbelly.gifdust.gif


Waiting to be ready 




2 PPAF, DS 3 YO & 12 mo nursling


6 months TTC, DS 3 y/o

Jr.'s mom



0 PPAF, DS 13 m/o


LO 20 m/o

Waiting to Catch the First PP Egg! 


DS 12 months


20 month old 



DS 8 months


DS 21 m/o


DS 9.5 m/o

Waiting to Ovulate


Hopeful Jo

 6 PPAF, 6mo TTC, DS 15 months


4th mo TTC, 3 PPAF, DD 15 mo


2 mo TTC, 15 PPAF, DD 24 mo


8 PPAF, DS 10 mo nursling


TTC #4, DDs (5, 3.5 and 22 months)


DD-2.75 years, TTC#2-1 year


DD2 20 mo


starrlight97 chartnew.gif

6 months TTC, 6 PPAF, DS 18 months



3 months TTC, 1 PPAF, DS 16 m/o





moonstones chart1new.gif

2 months TTC, 4 PPAF, DD 14m/o



2 months TTC, 4 PPAF, DS 8 m/o


 3 months TTC, DS 29 m/o


3 months TTC, DD 2 y/o


1 month TTC, 1 PPAF, DC 18 m/o

zubeldia chartnew.gif





2nd PP cycle TTC 2 months DD1 3.5 DD2 18 months


DD 17 months, 1 PPAF


1 PPAF, DS 13 months


18 PPAF, DS 22 mo



3 months TTC, DS 21 m/o

Ish's mom


southernmommie chartnew.gif



Our Most Recent Success Stories 



gardenbelle chart1new.gif

9 months TTC, 9 PPAF, DD 22 months (the nurser) and DS 3 1/2 


8 mo DS, 2 PPAF



DD 20 MO






8 PPAF, 3 months TTC, DS 18 mo


6 PPAF, ds 19 m/o & ds 3 y/o


18PPAF, 1 cycle ttc, DD 26m




9 PPAF, DS ~20 m/o

Carlin chartnew.gif

3 months TTC, 5 PPAF, DD 26 m/o


5 months TTC, 8 PPAF, DD 23 m/o


10 PPAF, DD 12 m/o


6 PPAF, 2 months TTC, DD 23 m/o


6 PPAF, 8 months TTC, DS 16 m/o


9 months TTC #3, DD 29 m/o

Ava's Mama chartnew.gif

12 months TTC, 10 PPAF, DD 34 m/o




fazer6 BFPChart2.gif

1 PPAF, DS 23 months, 5 months TTC

Geigerin chartnew.gif

7 months TTC, 10 PPAF, DC 20 m/o



ThreeLittleBirds BFPChart2.gif

DD 11 m/o



7months TTC, 6 PPAF, DD 16 m/o


IBreed BFPChart2.gif

Waiting to O, DS 12 m/o, TTC 7 months


February Thread Hostess: Chloe'smama


Please put all changes in bold!

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Happy to be the host this month.  Please let me know if you have any changes.  Baby dust to all!  Hopefully there will be lots of LUCK in March!



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No changes yet...


DS caught a stomach bug this weekend that I caught yesterday- it was a miserable day! In the morning, I noticed some brown tinted CM. "Oh no," I thought, "not only am I throwing up all day, AF is going to show up, with another 9-day LP. Ugh."

Well, AF didn't show up yesterday and hasn't yet this morning, which makes me 11DPO, my longest PP LP yet. This is the first PP TWW that's been even remotely hopeful! I'm not a early tester, so I'll wait another 3 days or so before I POAS. Fingers crossed!


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Congrats we're on the bfp!!! Didn't get to say it last month.

Hopefuljo- I'm really hopeful for you!

Baby dust fly fly everywhere. smile.gif
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Hi everyone,


CD 3 today - went to the RE's office bright and early this AM for bloodwork.  Praying that I will conceive my miracle in the meantime.  I hope March brings us all some luck! 


Work has been really busy so it's keeping my mind off of things.  DD had her 15 mo check up today and the dr says she is doing wonderfully!



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Lairac, HOW can you wait??!?!? I'd be POAS about a day ago if I were you! Love your patience!

Jj- fingers crossed that this is the month for you!!
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Pretty sure I'm in the TWW. Apparently my DD wants a new baby because she was been sleeping in quantities that allow for temping (for the most part)...I'm getting excited about the prospect of actually being pregnant..

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I spoke too soon. AF showed up overnight. But! That means I had a 11-day LP, which is way better than the 7- and 9-day LP I've had so far. "Baby steps" toward a new baby :)


Please move me to Waiting To O, 5 PPAF, 5mo TTC, DS 14 months

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Well, apparently I was in tune with my body's signals because we caught the first PP Egg! I got a BFP this morning (well, 4 because I kept dipping tests!).


I know I wasn't with you ladies long but thank you so much for the support and baby dust for everyone!!

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citymama - congrat's!!! :D


sere - my last post was via my phone and it had some weird autocorrect going on. no, i totally poas really early (and a few times). i was congratulating YOU on your bfp! :) sorry for the confusion. but i'm so excited for you.



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Sorry hopefljo about af, but hurray for a longer Lp! Citymama- contests! Hopefully you are the first of many bfp in march. Mothrrship- crossing my fingers for you. Hopefully a quick 2ww for you. My computer died so I need to wait until dh gets off work and I can use his to update everything I am hoping I O earlier this cycle... day 42 was brutal.
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Ha ha auto correct. I said congrats to citymama! Ahhh the joys of hand held devices.
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Lariac, I'm crossing my fingers for you!


Congratulations, CityMama! Yee haw!Great start to March.


AFM: I'm on CD5, no news. Please update me to waiting to O, 1 PPAF, DD 17 months

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Hahaha.. I'm loving the auto correct wonderfulness going on in here.. ;D

March must be lucky with the BFP's already rolling in!! 

AFM: ewcm today means that I'll soon be in the TWW.. ahem. so.. we all know what kind of weekend this will be.. *grin* 
My dh got called in for an overnight overtime shift tonight.. but the convo went like this:
me: oh! that's great.. me & ds will go to the market in the morning so that you can sleep for a little while at least.. but.. can we BD later on?
dh: maybe
dh a minute later: HEY! is it baby time?! then yes. definitely yes.


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I think I have everyone updated at this point.  Let me know if you see anything that needs to be updated.


GingerNinja-  Have a great weekend.  Hope you catch that egg!


Everyone else- Hope this is a nice and relaxing weekend.  I am hoping for some quality time with my girls and DH. Trying not to be obsessed about TTC....

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Can you please change my info.... PREGGERS! I think I'd be due in November!  Thank you and I hope to see many of you in the NOVEMBER DDC!!!!!

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Originally Posted by Julieee View Post

Can you please change my info.... PREGGERS! I think I'd be due in November!  Thank you and I hope to see many of you in the NOVEMBER DDC!!!!!


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Congrats CityMama and Julieee!  Geez, lots of moms are flying in and out of this board!  I hope to be a success story too this month!

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Congrats Juliee!!!  So exciting!  Can't wait to see what else March has in store for us!!!

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What a start to the month!  Congratulations!


DH and I are getting really eager to start trying again.  I might be taking a course in the summer  so we're thinking of moving our start date to April, which is my next cycle!    DS has really started to cut back his nursing now that he's almost 10 months and my pumping isn't going great at all so I often go 9 hours during the day w/o nursing.  He's also started sleeping much better, closer to 5-7hour stretches.

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